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If you wore your newborn a lot through the say every day please advise

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IamDollie Fri 14-Dec-12 16:22:52

I've heard that setting them down and allowing them to self soothe for 20 mins and then returning to comfort and re-settle them and then leaving them again for 20 mins is a great way. My friends brother tried this, and on the first couple of days it takes a little while, but the baby soon get's used to it without feeling completely abandoned.

I wouldn't worry about wearing your baby though, there are so many proven benefits that outweigh any suspected negatives!

Spindelina Fri 30-Nov-12 20:16:10

DD only 4 months, so plenty of time for this to go wrong... For the first few weeks, she wouldn't sleep except on me, preferably with my nipple in her mouth. I had her in the sling a lot in the early weeks - at least then I had my hands free. She still rarely naps in the Moses basket in the day time, but she suddenly got the hang of it at night when she was about 6 weeks. Still waking to feed, but going back to sleep easily. And she's just starting to self settle.

needsadviceplease Fri 30-Nov-12 03:19:20

I think it's unlikely to cause bad sleeping habits.
However, in the interests of honesty, my 7mo (who fits your criteria) will only sleep in the sling on the go, or if I lie with him and bf him. And appallingly at night. But I think that's a combination of luck plus the fact I've never ever tried to teach him to self-settle - I definitely don't think it's a consequence of the sling.

It is biologically normal for a baby to sleep easier whilst being carried. If its working now, I wouldn't worry about possible future problems - he might get it sorted himself by then.

sedgieloo Thu 29-Nov-12 20:16:27

If you wore your newborn in sling a lot, did it cause a problem with their sleep e.g. Self settling, independent sleep.

I find myself wearing dc2 nearly all day. He is 5 wks and will take ages to settle in his cot. Then will be awake 20 mins later. Carrying him about, he goes to sleep fast and for a long time.

I have a 25 month old so I can't keep resettling but is this going to cause me a problem later? I felt dc1's learning to self settle was key to her sleeping through at 5 months. She always napped in her cot.

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