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Advice please

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mrsXsweet Mon 26-Nov-12 21:22:09

so my beautiful baby jogger versa has been recalled and we are expecting baby number 2 in 3 weeks. The new versa might be ready mid-dec but might not. So I am wondering about getting a sling/wrap to tide us over until the arrival of the pushchair. Can anybody advise me on the most suitable sling/wrap for a newborn in winter? Thanks in advance!

needsadviceplease Tue 27-Nov-12 06:06:01

I'd go for a stretchy wrap - moby or something similar. Really soft and snuggly (as well as supportive, obv) for a newborn, fits perfectly over your top and under your coat, easy to slip baby in and out of, and prob the cheapest option too!

Best wishes for the birth etc.

pootlebug Tue 27-Nov-12 22:09:23

Agree with needsadviceplease!

mrsXsweet Tue 27-Nov-12 22:27:18

Thank u both- it is always helpful when advice isn't contradicted! I spoke to the pushchair company today and they said the pushchair should be back in stock on 15th December and if it wasn't they would loan us one. However, I will prob still get a moby wrap as it will be useful when toddler chasing my eldest!!

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