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Will an Ellaroo wrap work for a 98 percentile 4 month old?

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sydenhamhiller Tue 20-Nov-12 22:10:11

I'd love some advice. I only used my Baby Bjorn for 1st 2 children, but went to a sling clinic when pregnant with DC3 and had eyes opened to the variety of slings out there!

DC3 lived in her ring sling after she arrived in July, I have loved it, but now she's 4 months old and HEAVY, I am finding it increasing uncomfortable over just one shoulder. I switched to my Ergo...which I bought after rave reviews from lots of friends. It is comfy, but I don't know why...I don't love it. I like it when it's on, baby likes it, but...

So thought maybe I should be brave, not be put off by confusing Youtube videos and consider a wrap - and I've have been offered an Ellaroo wrap.

I've looked for reviews, and people seem to like it, but say it's 'lightweight' so good for summer, but not necessarily as much support as a Didymos for example. I'm not looking for something that will transport a 2 year old, just to get me through the next 6 months grin) Do any of you experienced wrap owners think this might work?

NoodieRoodie Tue 20-Nov-12 22:20:10

I would go for it!

I've never tried an Ellaroo but I was a Moby user and the tying method looks the same I got bored after 4 minutes of a 7 minute youtube clip

I used mine until 6 months and after the first couple of goes it takes seconds the get on and get the baby in

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