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Moby or Calin Bleu for March baby?

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Hamnvik Sun 18-Nov-12 18:10:39

I'm new to all this sling stuff but have been trying to decide which to by for my first DC due in March.
I was about to buy a Moby but then read a few things about them being too warm in the summer, plus the fact that by the next winter baby will probably be too heavy and I am planning on buying a Mei Tai.

So then I thought about a Carlin Bleu, but which one a fleecy or a woven one? Can you use a woven sling with a newborn?

And one last question where is the best place to buy them? I thought Moby slings came in different lengths but I can only see website selling one length, I'm only 5ft so don't think I need a really long one!

Help, I'm just confusing myself now! confused

therugratref Sun 18-Nov-12 18:34:08

Just shows how out of touch I am. I thought they were your name choices grin

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 18-Nov-12 18:43:20

I had a fleece Calin bleu in the winter (October baby) and never needed a snowsuit it was so warm! Get some baby legwarmers though. Then had the calin blue woven sling for summer and once DC were a bit bigger, which I loved as it wasn't as stretchy as other jersey slings like moby etc

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 18-Nov-12 18:44:09

Also, weirdly, the fleece is über long but the woven much shorter

Hamnvik Sun 18-Nov-12 21:58:52

Hmm so maybe a woven Carlin Bleu would be better length wise then? Can you use them with a new born though?

Haha therugratref I suppose they could be baby names!

needsadviceplease Mon 19-Nov-12 08:11:25

I used a moby with my late-April baby and it was mostly fine through the summer (rubbish summer tho!) - just dressed us both lightly underneath it, and on v hot days didn't pull up the third section of material. DS and I were fine but I did know other mothers who found it too warm.

I did think about a calin bleu but tbh personally couldn't face the extra work of woven wrapping as a novice with a newborn! It may be far easier than I feared, in fact it probably is.

glentherednosedbattleostrich Mon 19-Nov-12 08:14:58

I used a moby from about 4 weeks with DD who was born in May, she didn't go in her pushchair at all for the first year and she was fine in it. Just lots of sunscreen and light clothes for both of us.

pootlebug Fri 23-Nov-12 10:26:50

You can use a non-stretchy wrap like the Calin Bleu gauze with a newborn, although it is slightly trickier to tie than a stretchy. That's not to say it can't be done, but there is a slightly steeper learning curve.

You could also look at something like the Wrapsody Stretch. It is thinner than a Moby (but I find it more supportive) so considerably better in the summer than a Moby.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 23-Nov-12 21:04:57

Woven is fine with newborn, I used it with mine for carrying around indoors - really supportive

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