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Baby Bjorn Active + big boobs = disaster!

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Angelico Sat 03-Nov-12 12:28:15

Just got my Baby Bjorn Active sling this morning - and am so disappointed sad Although it's a lovely sturdy sling and feels well made I have massive boobs and a short torso and cannot find a way to adjust it so DD's head is above boobs. Her mouth was level with the top of my cleavage which meant a) she slobbered madly in her quest for the boob and b) it felt like she was suffocating. The head support also stands straight out (in a 'D' shape) from my boobs rather than chest wall IYSWIM which means it is far too deep to give any head support.

Is there any other sling which is good for short torsos, big boobs and gives good back support? There are no sling trial places where I live so am pissed off that I'll have to send this one back to Amazon and pay the postage for it. I have a Kari-Me wrap but it seemed to require great bendiness and athleticism to put on if you want the baby chest to chest and she screamed madly while in it.

pootlebug Sat 03-Nov-12 20:05:09

I've taught a lot of people of all shapes and sizes to use a stretchy wrap (like the Kari Me) and don't think it requires bendiness etc - although it does require you to get the knack of how to do it. Maybe watch a few more stretchy wrap videos and note how they pass it from one hand to the other to get it on so that you don't need to do too much mad reaching around.

Otherwise maybe try something like the Manduca? If you fasten the straps crossed over the back (extend them fully first, reach behind yourself to grab them, then tighten once fastened) there's not too much awkward reaching around.

Angelico Sat 03-Nov-12 23:13:30

I will have another go at the Kari-Me smile Will also look up the Manduca - thanks for the tip!

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