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Is a mei tai just a fabric Baby Bjorn?

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Clumsasaurus Wed 24-Oct-12 10:18:18

Just that really. I have a BB but DS isn't mac for it as he roots the whole time but I want something he can sleep in at home or on quick walks as he loves to be held. His favourite place is on my shoulder me pirate, him parrot but a sling won't hold him here...

Any advice/suggestions? He's 14lb, 10 weeks and growing fast! A ring sling is not really an option as he's super long...

needsadviceplease Wed 24-Oct-12 13:39:49

A mei tai supports them properly across the bottom (knee-pit to knee-pit) and properly all up the spine and neck, whereas a BB doesn't fit them snug enough to properly support - more just keep them from dropping iyswim. Mei tais can be totally fabric or all buckley-bjornish-looking (SSCs - eg Ergo, Manduca, Beco). I have a manduca and can easily bf DS in it so rooting not a problem!

I wonder if your DS would sleep in a mei tai or SSC in spite of tantalising boob proximity because he'd be more comfy. But that's just a hunch. I'm not a wrap user (only stretchy wrap when he was small) but I bet you could somehow wrap him nearer your shoulder if that did turn out to be crucial! Sling meet, sling meet, sling meet. Good luck!

Clumsasaurus Wed 24-Oct-12 14:04:13

Thanks so much,I struggling to find a sling meet anywhere near me sad

Thank you so much for the I for re mei tai, I fell this is the best option on looks and where DS likes to be (snuggled to mummy grin) but did wonder how supported henwasin the BB so great to know a mei tai is better for his physiologically. I'll research the manduca as feeding him in it would be a huge bonus if he starts rooting somewhere in appropriate... Like the high st today in the BB!

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