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Short mum with big boobs and hips!

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cordiality Wed 17-Oct-12 20:29:42

No, not a lonely hearts ad, a plea for help finding a comfortable sling!

LO is due in a few days, have a DD 20mos, really need to find a sling that I can use so I don't always have to lug the double buggy around with me.

Had a baby bjorn with DD, must have used it about 3 times, just found it impossible to adjust comfortably over enormous (34JJ) breastfeeding boobs, narrowish waist and big (size 18) hips. I'm only 5'1" (I know, I sound GORGEOUS) so there really isn't much space between my boobs ending and my hips beginning.

I bought a Kari me last time as well, and did use it occasionally around the house but found walking outdoors that it would sort of bunch up around my waist and be really uncomfortable and look dreadful. Probably not that safe for baby either.

Unsurprisingly I do get lower back pain and neck/shoulder pain so I really need something that will distribute weight evenly and not rub also.

Does this magical sling for fat curvy shortarses exist?! I like the look of the Ergo, with the insert, but I see all sorts of weird and wonderful names mentioned here that I've never heard of, and have no idea where to start really!

Thanks for your help!

TeaandHobnobs Thu 18-Oct-12 02:45:12

Can you google for a sling meet or sling library in your area? Then you could try some different ones out and find the one that suits you before forking out. Our local sling library lady is excellent at recommending slings to suit the shape of the mum (or dad).

A stretchy wrap like the Kari-Me is really the best when they are tiny, but once they've grown a bit, other options are a Mei-Tai type sling, or a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) like the Ergo, Manduca, Boba3G, and many others.

Good luck finding the right one! smile

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