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OK I'm officially confused!

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jetstar Wed 03-Oct-12 17:13:57

I have been looking for a sling with a buckle waist and shoulder straps to tie. I am currently trying out a Storchenweige

which is very comfy but doesn't come in all the exciting colours/designs that some other slings do!
I have looked at so many they are all confused in my head now blush
Can anyone reccommend any to me please?

belindarose Wed 03-Oct-12 17:20:04


jetstar Wed 03-Oct-12 18:42:56

Thanks Belindarose but it's just a buckle on the waist that I want, but straps just like the mei tai on the top half. It might be called a half buckle sling?

belindarose Wed 03-Oct-12 18:50:03

Oh yes, I've read your OP properly now!

ImpYCelyn Wed 03-Oct-12 18:52:57

Yes it's a half-buckle. Have a look on the Natural Mamas forum at FSOT, there are sometimes some on there. They'll say HB in the title. You could also post an ISO notice.

You could also look at having one made/converted. Opitai Baby, Kitten Creations, Softai and Ocah all do them, off the top of my head.

jetstar Thu 04-Oct-12 08:39:18

Thanks Imp (like your name btw!) will check that out. I feel a bit less confused now!

ImpYCelyn Thu 04-Oct-12 13:28:40

No problem. Also, I think if you look on Storchenwiege's proper website they do come in some different colours. If you find one you like you could try ordering from Europe.

Also, have you had a look at the Hoppediz Hop-Tye - I have a feeling that that might be a HB too, and it definitely comes in different colours.

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