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Can anyone recommend a Ergo baby carrier please?

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surfingbabies Mon 01-Oct-12 13:19:54

Can anyone recommended a Ergo carrier and where's the best place to buy one? Can I breast feed easily with one? I suffer with back problems so are they comfortable?
Thanks :-)

Lizzietow Thu 04-Oct-12 15:16:25

I'm bumping this as I'd also like to know! Been reading various reviews and getting confused.
The Kari Me comes top on Mumsnet reviews, yet the basic Baby Bjorn on Which. We borrowed a Baby Bjorn with my first though and it was too much for my back.

Spaghettivongole Thu 04-Oct-12 17:12:44

Ok I've used all 3 of those (not a sling expert though!).

I had the bjorn with DC1 and it seemed ok at the time but tbh I could only use it comfortably for about 15 mins at a time (e.g. To pop up to the shops) so not ideal! DH liked it though. However you'll read lots on here and elsewhere about the "dangling" posture not being good for babies.

With DC2 I started with the Kari-me which I loved. It's a wrap carrier so basically a long piece of stretchy fabric but it's very easy to tie once you get used to it and carries a newborn in a very snuggly comfy way. I found it v comfy for me up until DS was about 4 months. The manufacturers do say you can use it for much longer than this but I tried an Ergo at this stage and found it comfort for me.

The Ergo is a "structured carrier" (I think!). It's as easy to put on/put baby in as the baby bjorn (actually easier I think) but is so much comfier for both you and the baby. I'm a real wimp but I've been carrying 6m old DS in it all day today with no discomfort. It carries the weight on your hips so much better for your back. Only downside is that you can't face the baby outwards but if you read more on here and elsewhere that position isn't recommended anyway. DS can peer out the side and he seems ok. Also you can't use it for newborns without a special insert. I font know how much this costs but personally I'd rather have the Kari-me for the newborn stage as it's so lovely and cuddly (and only £40 ish) then switch to something like the ergo.

Oh and ignore Which!!

Spaghettivongole Thu 04-Oct-12 17:14:25

Oh and you can breastfeed in both a Kari-me and ergo. There is a bit of a knack to it but it's been useful when I have older DD!

Lizzietow Thu 04-Oct-12 19:24:17

That's really useful!! Wow thanks will look up the Ergo now grin

UsingAPsuedonym Thu 04-Oct-12 19:32:52

I've tried all 3 too. BB before I knew better (no sling groups like it, etc etc and really it doesn't spread weight as well as a proper carrier..).

Kari-me, absolutely love for anew born. Amazingly snug and can spend all day in it (DD1 did - we didn't use a pushchair). They can sleep in it, feed in it, etc. Like a little womb outside of your body.

We got an ergo when DD was about 9 months, and I've used it this time around from about 4 months. Love it. Not at all the prettiest of carriers but its good, solid, easy to wear, really don't feel the weight. Only stopped with DD1 at about 2 and a bit as she wanted to walk everywhere.

Not sure about best place to buy in the UK. We got ours in Australia. I believe quite a few on ebay/amazon are fakes and I would want the reassurance the seams etc are sage so I would get a "real" one. There is an ergobaby website for hte uk with a findastore on it or order online.

You may find someone at a nearby sling meet or AP group or NCT or breastfeeding group has one you could try or could point you in the right direction.

surfingbabies Fri 05-Oct-12 11:14:37

That's fantastic advise, thanks so much :-)

onedogandababy Sat 06-Oct-12 13:18:20

Hi, I also have an ergo and a bad back and can comfortably carry my 19lb 8mth old DD in it. As has been said, you can't face them out, but I've been led to believe this isn't that desirable a position anyway. You can carry the baby on the hip and on your back with the ergo (prob not til past 6mths tho). I got my in Born in Bristol - try an independent stockist as you'll prob get a good variety of sling types and very good advice!

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