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Dog walking enthusiast needs a good carrier for 4 month old - suggestions?

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babysaurus Sun 23-Sep-12 18:07:02

I have a border collie and a 4 month old DS and am now looking for a good carrier so I can take the baby out on the long walks the dog needs.

I previously had a Kari Me which was great but he is now too heavy so it's not good for longer than half an hour at a time (he's quite a big baby!) and I borrowed a Papatum the other week which was great.

I have a shop nearby which lets you try before you buy and has a large range of slings, but I am not keen to go there as I will then feel obligied to buy one of their's (and would rather go the Ebay route.) I am thinking Ergo baby carriers or Papatum's but other suggestions are very welcome!

Nigglenaggle Sun 23-Sep-12 20:05:20

Are you still thinking of front or back carrier? Cant advise on the back carrier but we have a baby bjorn miracle and it is excellent - very secure, DC loves it and is happy in there for quite a while. Its for up to 13kg but to be honest he's 10kg now and I cant use it for more than a few minutes (but not a fault of the carrier, just his weight) and DH cant for long periods of time. So might not be worth you buying at this stage.

babysaurus Sun 23-Sep-12 20:33:59

Hi, I am thinking both - once he's bigger he may like being on my back, although at the moment he'd definately be in my front.
I have used a 'classic' baby bjorn and while it was good when he was tiny it's not good now - my back hurts and also he doesn't look terribly comfy. This is why we adopted the Kari Me soft one but he is now a bit too heavy for that (for long periods, which is a bugger due to the dog.)

needsadviceplease Sun 23-Sep-12 20:45:26

10kg is a fault of the carrier, honest - a sling better designed to distribute the weight of a bigger baby makes all the difference.

OP - I have heard good things about patapum and if you liked it maybe go with that one. I switched (from moby) to manduca at 4m and love it love it love it. I like that you can cross the straps in front carry position, I like that it has a zip to extend the height of the carrier (in addition to the standard sleep hood). But it is partly personal choice.

If you're looking at ebay I'd steer clear of ergo (and beco) though. Lots of fakes unfortunately.

babysaurus Sun 23-Sep-12 20:53:39

needsadviceplease. I can see what you mean re fakes on Ebay with Ergo carriers, there are too many listed too cheaply! I have had a brief look at the Manduca's so will go and have another nosey now.
Thank you!

Rockchick1984 Sun 23-Sep-12 22:11:34

Baby and Niggle any carriers like the baby bjorn will not be comfortable as baba get heavier as they are not supported as well as they could be - you need a sling which supports between baby's knee pits so the weight is distributed more evenly rather than just a small area (this is why bjorn and the like are sometimes referred to as "crotch danglers").

Baby something like a boba 3G or a rose and rebellion would be a couple of other good options - also you can always go to the shop, have a look and say you want to have a think / discuss with DH. Often a slings resale value isn't much lower than retail price so potentially may be worth buying new anyway smile

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