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wriggling out of moby wrap

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beginnersluck Thu 23-Aug-12 08:31:16

My 6.5mo DS has started to wriggle his arms free from the moby wrap - and the horizontal strip gets pushed down to his waist so there is a risk of him flipping out.

Does this mean he's out grown it? Or is there a different way to tie it to get him to stay put?

pootlebug Sun 26-Aug-12 20:58:09

You can put him with his arms out so long as you have plenty of fabric at the top of his body just under his arms - the top layer should be bunched up there and nice and tight.

You probably will find he will outgrow it soon (depending on his weight), and if you like the long-wrap thing maybe think about a woven wrap rather than a stretchy one. Or there are various other types of carriers around too - buckle carriers, mei tais etc.

Are you near a sling library or sling meet where you could go and try some other things out?

notasausage Fri 07-Sep-12 07:32:33

DD started doing this at about the same age and leaning back too! It was a phase that passed and I'm still using my moby with her - shes 1 in 3 days and 95th centile so it is possible to keep using your moby longer than the 6 months people think. Mostly I wrap her with arms out but nice and tight, but she will have her arms in if shes tired or it's cool. Also try one arm in and one out for a slightly more secure compromise! Consider whether your DS could be taking his arms out because he's too hot?

beginnersluck Mon 10-Sep-12 11:02:41

Thanks for these responses - really useful!
I've hired a connecta and a mei tai from the sling library but it is good to know that I can continue with the moby with arms out (and hopefully less wriggling in future).

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