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Beco Gemini

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EasilyBored Wed 08-Aug-12 10:18:45

Hi, does anyone have/have any experience of the Beco Gemini? Want a structured carrier for stupidly heavy DS 7.5months, that me and DH will both use. DH doesn't like the Moby (and I'm finding it a pain to get on and off in a hurry and in the rain). Ideally want something that can be used for a front carry, front facing carry and a back carry.


pootlebug Wed 08-Aug-12 22:55:06

If you are determined you must have a front facing out carry, then the Gemini is pretty much your only option. The vast majority of people find that once their babies can get their arms out and look around that the are much comfier facing in (or back carrying and looking over your shoulder) and that will increase your choices hugely - Ergo, Manduca, Boba, Babyhawk Oh Snap, Angelpack, Toddler Patapum (despite toddler name fits 9 months +), and many more.

Front facing out holds the baby further from you so tends to put strain on your upper back....even if you can live with that now it will get worse as he gets heavier. So I would go with a more versatile carrier for the long term tbh

Ihateparties Fri 21-Sep-12 20:54:51

I wouldn't if he's heavy, I have one because in the short term it has been the only thing DC3, my bank account and I could agree on. She's 7m and circa 20lbs, I've used it facing out maybe twice, it just isn't good from any point of view really. It's still fine for back carries, she doesn't like being on my front anymore (and tbh I can live without the scratch marks and broken glasses too) but longer term I will be looking for something else. It's not what I would have chosen really but for this baby is has done the job, I'm still hoping to get her into a mei tai or half buckle when she's a little older and more tolerant
It's not a bad carrier, I think there are just better and certainly more versatile ones for older babies.

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