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Ergo vs Manduca vs Boba 3g

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latortu Fri 03-Feb-12 18:16:34

Have narrowed the choice for our next sling down to the above. Wonder if the "panel" has any advice on which of these is best? Has anybody experienced more than one of them? Would welcome some advice! Latortu

clarabella18 Fri 03-Feb-12 20:37:26

We (me a DP) have tried the manduca and the ergo. Neither of us could get on with the manduca, found it very difficult to fasten the buckles.
We are both getting on ok with the ergo, the only thing is the body isn't as long as the manduca.

FessaEst Fri 03-Feb-12 20:46:49

I know people who love both the ergo & the manduca. Some people have issues with ergo marketing-but I haven't looked into the ins & outs.

I bought a rose & rebellion which is v similar, but more wallet-friendly! So far we love it & would definitely recommend.

pootlebug Fri 03-Feb-12 20:56:16

I have all three in the sling library that I run and have tried them all myself as well as seeing how other people fare with them. The basic differences are:

1) How suitable they are for newborns and how they work from newborn:
The Ergo needs a separate insert that you buy separately. I'm not a fan, especially for a summer baby - it is a big padded thing that helps hold them upright, but is very warm indoors in summer
The Manduca has an inbuilt insert that you use to lift the baby higher, and to stop his/her legs needing to stretch as wide when they're small. IMO this works best of the three for newborns
The Boba 3g doesn't have an insert at all - it folds over on itself to make the body smaller for a newborn but it is still relatively wide. So fine if they have their legs froggied up inside the carrier but harder with legs out. And also because there is nothing to restrict the width it can feel as if they are falling sideways a bit in it. The older Boba 2g is only suitable from 5-6 months +

2) How you wear the straps when you carry on your front (all fasten like a backpack when you wear on your back):
The Boba fastens like a backward rucksack when you wear it on your front. So a shoulder strap over each shoulder, and you reach behind your head to do up a strap between the two that holds them close together and stops them sliding off your shoulders
The Ergo you can either fasten as for the Boba, or you can unclip the straps and clip them back together crossed on your back. But you need to reach behind you to the middle of your back in order to do up the buckles. Petite and flexible people are usually able to do this, but many people struggle.
The Manduca you can either wear as for the Boba, or you can cross the straps over your back. But because the buckles undo and adjust from both ends, you can fasten the buckles by your side rather than around your back, which is much easier to reach.
Because I find it much more confortable to cross the straps on my back with a front carry, I think the Manduca is the best in this regard.

3) How it grows with your child
I think all of these carriers last pretty well. The Manduca has a zip in the panel that allows you to extend the height as your baby gets taller (or reduce it if your baby wants his or her arms out. The Boba has foot stirrups that allow an older child with longer legs to still be well supported. The Ergo doesn't have any particular special features but does seem reasonably comfy still to carry larger children.

4) Other stuff (in no particular order):
- There are a lot of fake ergos around on ebay and elsewhere. If you choose Ergo, go with an authorised retailer or trusted 2nd hand source
- The Manduca has a safety catch on the waist buckle that means you need two hands to undo it (not really a problem as you take the baby out before you do so) but which can feel stiff/awkward until you're used to the knack.
- Different shape SSCs suit different people. I can have 3 people with three babies the same age come to the library and each one will love one of these three and really not like the other two very much. If you are near a sling library or sling meet and have a chance to try before you buy, I think it is well worth it.

latortu Sat 04-Feb-12 20:42:40

Thanks so much to you all for taking the time to reply - much appreciated. I have given up waiting to try the Manduca or Boba at my local sling meet as they seem to never be returned - and liked the Ergo (sport) but valued the idea of being able to cross the straps on the Manduca - so have bitten the bullet and ordered one of them!
To Pootlebug - I'm not sure if you have the same problem with your sling meet but often slings don't seem to be returned or else people snap them up so you can't really try a few on. I wonder if it would work to have them all available to try on for maybe 90 mins or so, and then first come first served on a list to decide who can hire it for the month - then at least you can try a sling on for a couple of mins even if you can't take it home for a longer trial?
Just a thought really!
Thanks again,

pootlebug Sat 04-Feb-12 21:34:16

That does sound frustrating. I think it depends partly on whether the person running the sling meet hires stuff out between meets - so the hires overlap the meets etc. I only hire out at meets, and make sure that people know the sling has to be back before the start of the next meet. I also allow people to reserve a sling that they want to try with a waiting list...might mean waiting a couple of weeks but then at least you know you'll get a chance at it etc.

latortu Thu 16-Feb-12 19:59:34

Pootlebug - that sounds very sensible!
Just as an update - I went for the Manduca and am very pleased with it. The cross over straps are (in my opinion) a bit comfier than the "reverse rucksac" and I haven't tried a back-carry yet as I quite like cuddling her in the freezing temps at the moment!
It doesn't tumble-dry and I think the ergo sport did let you do that -which is a shame but only a problem if the vomit immediately precedes the walk.....!
Overall, I'm not sure if I could pick anything more than the comfier straps in the crossover position of the Manduca between the brands I've tried.
Thanks to everyone once again for your advice & wisdom!

Eunice25 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:23:29

I have a si similar problem.I have to buy a carrier, and I like beco soleil, because of the crossstraps and the design, the boba because of the good reviews, manduca, but i don't like the design, and ergo.
Wich one is good for an active baby? I mean he likes to wach around and I'm not sure wich one is comfy.ofcourse the ideea of hip carry sounds nice but everybody says that they don't really use it.
In my area, I can't try them, and I can buy just boba and manduca and maybe ergo.the beco I have to order from uk or I can't return it.

Eunice25 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:26:15

My baby is nou two months old.I'm using now a boba wrap, a Designed2loveU wrap and a ring sling.I'm planning on carring the baby till he's around 3 years.

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