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Sling/carrier for long baby

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longlucie Thu 13-Oct-11 13:14:35

Does anyone know of any carriers that are good for tall babies? My lad is 5 months, 20lbs and well above the 99.6th centile for length(i.e. he's a monster)-we had a tomy carrier but as well as being too big for it his legs kick right against my hips when he's in it-ouch. All the other carriers seem to be the same-anyone else had this problem/found a solution???

pootlebug Thu 13-Oct-11 14:29:55

I would go for something that holds him in a proper 'seated' position - his legs won't dangle down as far as with the Tomy and should go around your sides better.

Something like the Boba It'll last much longer, and you can use for back carries too (useful as he gets heavier).

Other possibilities are the Ergo (buy from a reputable retailer as there are fake Ergos about on ebay etc), Manduca etc.

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