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Closer sling

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MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Oct-11 14:56:47

Just bought one as after trying in shop with doll it felt comfy and my large bust didn't seem to be an issue (for once). Also I liked the softness and that it doesn't feel rigid. Has anyone had experience with it?

MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Oct-11 16:18:31


Quenelle Fri 07-Oct-11 16:28:44

I had one for DS, it does feel lovely doesn't it?

Are you going to use it for a newborn? If so remember you have to tie it really tight otherwise your baby will sort of fold in the middle rather than being pressed flat against your chest like a little frog. I found it hard to tie it tight enough but it was mid-June and incredibly hot. It wouldn't be uncomfortable at this time of year (but you can probably leave a jumper off).

By the time DS was about 5 months old he loved it, he would fall asleep in it instantly.

DH hated it because of all the extra material. He preferred a Baby Bjorn but DS definitely didn't like it as much.

I'm planning to try it again with DC2 who is due next May because I want to be able to BF in it. I'll go to a slingmeet for help if I have any problems this time.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Oct-11 16:34:45

Quenelle - yes hoping to use for newborn and upwards, also to bf, tho if I can't I don't have issue with taking it off and nursing. My boobs are 36J so I'm paranoid that will stop it being comfortable for baby. Had a formed one before and ds2 hated it. It's good to hear peoples experiences, esp as it's not a cheap sling

4madboys Fri 07-Oct-11 16:45:38

i have one, it is good yes, but if you have big babies then i find it not as good as a regular wrap (moby) as the stretchyness means that it isnt as good for your back, very good for newborn period tho as it easy peasy to pop them in and out etc.

i didnt find it particularly easy to bfeed in tho i have to say and i have large boobs as well!

i used mine loads and have lent it to a friend who has used it a lot as well, will prob give it to my sister who is due in jan, or sell it on, i think they have a good re-sale value smile

MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Oct-11 18:10:17

4madboys. I've not tried a reg wrap as seem so complicated and don't really know where to get one or which. My boys were 8lb12 and 8lb14 so not small babies. Good resale value there too. Now wondering if worth keeping at all or wether to return it. I'm indecisive grin tho I reckon perhaps I should suck it and see.

RitaMorgan Fri 07-Oct-11 19:54:48

I (and ds) loved my Close carrier - used it every day from newborn to about 5/6 months.

Definitely put it on as tight as possible though, as tight as a snug t-shirt. You don't need to leave a space for the baby, the stretch creates the space iyswim.

Grumpla Fri 07-Oct-11 19:57:41

I loved mine, but agree that you need to think about something more supportive by the 5/6 month mark. Still, they last longer than a Baby Bjorn, are way more comfortable for you both and hold their resale value fairly well.

I had very big boobs when DS was a newborn, the original carrier I was given (BB type) was impossible to wear as straps dug in horribly. Close was excellent in that respect (and quite flattering to wear!)

1gglePiggle Fri 07-Oct-11 21:53:10

I struggled with my Close carrier and could never work out how to put it on properly despite watching the instructional DVD (was very sleep deprived at the time too). So will have to sell it on unused at some point if I could just find the box!

4madboys Sat 08-Oct-11 09:41:00

awen the moby is available online, on amazon, ebay etc, it is about £30 on amazon. and very simple to use, but for the newborn stage a close sling is good as its easy to take on and off, but once you get the hang of a moby so is that. can you get to a sling meet to try some out?

i do think the close carrier is good for the first few months and you will sell it on no problems smile

MamaMaiasaura Sat 08-Oct-11 10:07:14

Mad - will have to find out about sling meets. Moby sling sounds like reasonable price. My closer was 60 with 15% off, so 51. Not sure if I got it at good price.

4madboys Sat 08-Oct-11 11:26:59

i think thats normal price for a closer sling smile

and mobys are great, i still use mine with dd, who is 10mths and weighs 23lb!

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