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Ergo Heart2Heart Infant Insert - mould?

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CuriosityCola Sat 01-Oct-11 08:30:59

Received my infant insert in the post yesterday. It is a cream colour. Have noticed tiny black specks are all over the insert. Can't decide if it is organic looking material or specs of mould blush

Would really appreciate some reassurance. Probably just being over cautious as it's for my pfb grin

PhyllisDiller Wed 05-Oct-11 14:41:06

...well, I have just looked at my insert (it is cream organic) and there are no flecks in it, its just completely plain. Where did you buy if from? and does is smell sort of musty?

CuriosityCola Thu 06-Oct-11 06:16:22

Have just heard back from ergo that the natural one does have flecks. I got it from the nct. I still think it has got damp in the post, so just going to wash it rather than send back. Thanks for checking for me though.

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