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Can you use slings / carriers on public transport?

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HoppedOnAFairy Thu 22-Sep-11 18:28:05

Hi, are there any safety guidelines / laws about using slings and carriers on public transport? We live in central London, so that's how we tend to get around, plus we live in a flat, so half the time I'd really like to leave the pram behind. Just wasn't sure if a sling is safe on a bus (I would not be going down the tube anyway).

Also - is upright position the best for a newborn (almost 4 weeks). I have a Close Parent Caboo, and am struggling with positions a bit!

Thanks a lot.

CosmicMouse Thu 22-Sep-11 18:47:39

I happily used public transport with my daughter in a sling from newborn age. I found it much easier, and I felt safer with her close to me. I've seen many occurrences of buggies/prams coming close to tipping up, and on two separate occasions have witnessed a buggy falling sideways when a driver took a bend too far.

I always tried to choose a rear facing seat if there was one available, as that's the safest. But if not, then I always made sure I kept my hands on the seat in front in case I needed to brace myself if the bus stopped suddenly.

As she got older, we progressed to back carries, and continued to carry her on the bus and train like that.

In terms of carries, yes I would always carry a newborn in a upright position.

HoppedOnAFairy Thu 22-Sep-11 19:05:27

Brilliant, thank you Mouse. I also have a feeling I would feel safer with a carrier.

So upright is better than a fetal position?

bigkidsdidit Thu 22-Sep-11 19:26:55


I carry DS round in my Sling on the tube and bus all the time. I think he loves it - when it's busy it's much more reassuring for him to be snuggled up to me than in the pram, low amongst lots of legs and bags!

People ALWAYS comment on it and chat away with him too which is lovely smile

I had him upright from birth, first in a Close carrier and then a Oh Snap.

HoppedOnAFairy Thu 22-Sep-11 19:35:09

Thanks! It confirms how I thought I would feel.

I tried him in an upright in a Close today but he did not seem to like his head covered. His natural head position seemed to be more upright than resting on my chest. I don't know if it was too tight, but I just don't think that his head can be uncovered at this age, as it really needs support. Do you keep the head covering bit really lose or tight?

bigkidsdidit Thu 22-Sep-11 19:42:41

I used to leave his head uncovered when he was awake and tuck him in when he fell asleep, which was pretty quick after we started walking anywhere. I did keep it loose though.

Grumpla Thu 22-Sep-11 19:46:39

I found carrying my DS on buses and tubes MUCH easier than trying to hold a baby with one hand / pram and changing bag with the other!

As cosmicmouse said, I would always be alert on a bus (e.g. not be buried in a book) and ready to brace against the seat in front if necessary.

I never managed to get DS comfy in a foetal position, a more upright carry with 'froggy legs' (e.g. tucked up not dangling down) worked best for us. I loved my Close carrier until about 4-6 months, then switched to a mei tei.

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