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Beco butterfly newborn insert

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Justtrying Thu 08-Sep-11 14:27:26

I'm really happy as our new butterfly has just arrived. Bargin on ebay at 29.99, so after worrying it might be a fake. It's here, in box with dcs and instructions. Have watched dcs a couple of times and just tried Dd in it for size, but i think she's too big for the insert, she's 14 weeks, approx 13.5 lbs and has long body. Have just tried to put it on without insert, think I'm almost there but Dd grumpy this afternoon so will try to adjust it SD much as possible and try again tomorrow. I'd really like to crack baby wearing before we Ho on hols in ten days. So we dont need the pushchair all the time. I wore her in a moby a little as a newborn but not now she's bigger, seem to have lost the knack.
If i dont master the butterfly, will try and get to a slingmeet.

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