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Buying sling in advance

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Cjax Wed 31-Aug-11 08:37:22

I live in France and am visiting London this weekend and was wondering about buying a sling as baby stuff is soooo much cheaper in the UK. I was wondering if anyone could offer an opinion on:

1. Whether this is a stupid idea and I should wait until the baby comes (in a couple of months)?

2. If I do buy one, which should go for? I live in a 2nd floor flat so would like something we can use from birth as I imagine it will be easier than carrying a pushchair up and down. I also quite like the idea of being able to breastfeed using the sling if that's what I end up doing and I think my husband will be keen to use it as he has carried friend's babies in slings for long periods before and found it really easy and convenient.

Thank you in advance for any help.

PhyllisDiller Wed 31-Aug-11 16:18:56

I bought my sling in advance and it is great, one less job to do once the baby was born. Not sure how many shops there are though, on the ‘there should be a shop’ thread there seems to be details of a shop in/around London....

fraktious Fri 02-Sep-11 13:27:40

If you didn't get a sling you may be suprised how affordable 'lesser known' brands are in France. My Neobulle wrap is I think the cheapest I have per metre.

I got my stretchy and a ring sling before DS was born and then bought others when I figured out what works for us.

Cjax Mon 05-Sep-11 13:09:45

Thank you for the advice, I ended up buying a Close carrier as it was half price in TK Maxx! Hopefully it will work well for us when the baby arrives.

Grumpla Mon 05-Sep-11 13:12:40

I loved my Close carrier when DS was wee, he was too heavy by about 4-5 months (though he was big!) so then moved on to homemade mei teis. The Close washes well too and if you got it for half price that sounds like a bargain smile

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