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Which ergo?

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MamaMia100 Mon 29-Aug-11 16:54:00

I used a baby bjorn for DD which worked fine, though got a little sore as she got bigger. DS is just 2 weeks old and massive - have tried him in the bjorn and he seems happy but my shoulders are already knackered so thinking it might be worth investing in a new sling that is kinder to my back (as I will need to be running around after DD this time!). Also hoping I can "wear" him around the house so I can play with my DD once DH goes back to work as so far I've been sofa-bound (he wants to feed ALL the time!). I have heard good things about the ergo, and it looks like it will last a long time, but there seem to be loads if different types on the ergo website. Does anyone know which one is best / what the difference is? Also, is it possible to breastfeed in it? That would make life a LOT easier and mean we could get out and about more...
Thanks in advance for your opinions/ advice!!

perfectstorm Mon 29-Aug-11 19:16:20

I really, really wouldn't buy a carrier without trying it on, with the baby in it. I was all bound and determined to buy a Manduca (as they're not faked, their resell value is higher, and they're alleged to be a far more ethical and less aggressive company than Ergo) but it just didn't suit me at all when I wore one. More of the weight is on your hips and less on your shoulders and I have hip problems, and the baby is far higher, and mine is a long toddler who blocked my view. Different people suit different kinds of carrier, and it's quite an investment to get wrong.

I got an organic one because it was only a tenner more at the place I bought, and it was softer fabric and again, resale is better I think. My understanding is that the sport is better for tall people/men, but it's not made of pure cotton (is a poly blend, so it wicks better was the idea I think) and my child has sensitive skin and is prone to rash in artificial fibres, so again, horses for courses.

perfectstorm Mon 29-Aug-11 19:17:58

And I used a soft woven carrier with a newborn, which spread all the weight so evenly across my shoulders I couldn't feel any digging at all - and I had really severe SPD so just about everywhere was sore for a bit, there. You need the baby insert for a small'un with an Ergo and they're a lot more expensive than a stretchy wrap, too.

PhyllisDiller Wed 31-Aug-11 16:14:28

I have an organic Ergo, it is very soft. I had a Baby Bjorn for DC1 and by comparison the Ergo is heavenly to use (...well, I have a feeling that many slings could possibly be by comparison, I found the BB really very uncomfortable).

I like the idea of being buckled in as it were so the Ergo suits me. I bought the organic for the softness and partly as the design was a little bit more interesting (this is the last baby that I am having too, so I fancied a bit of a treat TBH).

MamaMia100 Sat 03-Sep-11 13:11:46

Thank you both - very helpful. Also wondering how on earth you get into it yourself (ie without someone else to do up the strap for you. Tried it on in the shop and the lady did it for me - very comfy but no idea how I'd do it on my own!!

Any tips? grin

PhyllisDiller Sat 03-Sep-11 21:20:16

Will you use the newborn insert? I do the waist bit up first and sort of wrap DS up in the newborn bit, get him comfy, hold him in place with one hand and do the straps with the other hand.

The instructions that come with it are pretty good and tell you how to do it one your own, I've found it quite easy so far.

perfectstorm Sat 03-Sep-11 22:47:03

The main clip is easy as you do it before putting the baby in - the clip on your shoulders, and I just put my shoulderblades together slightly. It's honestly really, really easy; a lot easier than getting him into the stretchy wrap ever was. It's structured a little, so everything goes in the right place. It's just like clipping the strap on a supermarket trolley or a high chair, basically. If you can do up a necklace without looking (I am crap at that, if I'm honest - not the most dexterous person alive) this is a cinch!

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