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q re: moby

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reastie Wed 24-Aug-11 07:36:50

few qs re: moby wrap as I might be buying one from a fellow mner but want to check it is the right option for us. FYI DD is 6mo and about 15lbs

1 - I have a bad back. I currently have a wilkinet but struggle to carry her in it for any length of time - will the moby be more comfortable for my back?
2 - does it roll up quite small? It might be useful to have a carrier to permanently stick in the changing bag for impromptu usage
3 - does it fit the, ahem, large lady? I just saw a skinny minnie on you tube show how to use it with her tiny dd and there didn't seem to be alot of excess material. I am currently a size 20 blush btw
4 - is it too late to get one give my dd is 6mo and we have one of those snazzy rucksack hiking baby/child carriers and a wilkinet already? I'm wondering if it's more of a newborn thing

Quite alot of qs there blush but would appreciate any comments to help me decide.

Ilythia Wed 24-Aug-11 09:00:09

I did not get on with the wilkinet AT ALL but a stretchy wrap was much better. I have a slight curvature of the spine and my shoudler are not very strong, so a wider strap wrap was perfect as you can spread it out and stretch the load so it isn 't 'digging in'
I used to carry mine rolled up in the bottom of my bag, I used a small drawstring bag to keep it wrapped tight but yes, it squashes down really well.
3 I am/was size 20 and carried DD1 from a few months until she was 19 months and I gave birth to DD2, so a pregnant size 20...I needed a 5m wrap to do a full range of carries (where it crosses over the frotn and back) so make sure it is long enough.

4. WRT to timewise - The stretchy wraps do get a bit more uncomfy as they get bigger and I was better with a woven wrap once they were about 9-10 months BUT the resale value/swap value doesn't drop, so getting one for a few months won't cost you much at all. try uk babywearing swap group on yahoo, or for sales, I only kept each wrap for a few months before selling or swapping it for a new one!

reastie Wed 24-Aug-11 09:11:14

ilythia v useful info thanks. Re: the 5m wrap - are the regular ones 5m or did you have to get a special long one?

Ilythia Fri 26-Aug-11 22:39:57

I think the regular ones are 5.5 m with the tapering, afetr I stopped using my moby I got a woven wrap, and that was 5m which was plenty.

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