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Moby Woven wrap; anyone care to share thoughts?

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DontShootTheDog Sat 20-Aug-11 15:24:46

I have a large 7 week old baby and use a (cheap imitation!) stretchy wrap. It is too thin and stretchy really now he is heavier, so he slips down a bit. I would like to invest in a Moby wrap as I love 'wearing' him but just saw on another thread that stretchy ones are better for bad backs, which I suffer with. I really feel a woven would be better for me thoguh as I like the idea of the firmness and support. Anyone able to advise? Many thanks.

if woven sounds like a good idea, anyone selling one second hand? Checked buy/sell section but nothing there!

DontShootTheDog Sat 20-Aug-11 20:14:35

Oh cripes I am confused! Having just read a bit more, I think Moby wraps are all stretchy? And a woven (non-stretchy I take that to mean) wrap would be of another brand (didymos? Calin Bleu?). Is a Moby supportive enough - baby is already about 15lbs at 7 weeks and ceratinly slips down in my current wrap - would a Moby be better? Help!

faverolles Sat 20-Aug-11 20:25:30

I have a moby wrap which I love, but now ds is 7 months (not sure how much he weighs, but it's way over 15lbs) it does slip down a bit if I go for a long walk.
Have you tried putting your wrap on a bit tighter to start off with? The other tip I've heard is to wash it, but don't use fabric conditioner as it makes the wrap more slippy.
If I had the money, I would definitely have bought a didymos sling, as it's not so stretchy.

DontShootTheDog Sun 21-Aug-11 20:50:59

Ah thanks, think I'll forget Moby and get a woven. I thought Moby wraps were woven so was confused. There is a Calin Bleu on Ebay I have just bid on (rather hastily!) - any experience of them?

You sent me Gro bags btw - think I have name changed since then! Using them every night, they are great, thanks.

fraktious Sat 27-Aug-11 16:04:58

I love our Calin Bleu but they also have a limited life because they're so thin.

What's your budget? You cam get cheapish wovens that will last.

perfectstorm Sun 28-Aug-11 16:24:14

Moby is very, very widely faked indeed. The fakes are not safe - and may well use toxic dyes. Don't get one second hand. Second hand Hugabubs (same thing but smaller company so not faked) are better. are a brilliant company - accredited supplier (that was how I found them first, via the Hugabub website) and the cheapest out there. I got my Ergo from them too. You can call or email them for advice? There are also great websites dedicated to sling wearing. Hugabub suited me to a year but it did stretch badly on long walks. If you like babywearing and your child is quite big, then it may be worth thinking of an Ergo or a Manduca (the second puts less weight on the shoulders and more on the hips, but as I have had SPD an Ergo suits me better.)

Finally, Amazon sellers are like Ebay sellers, you aren't buying from Amazon necessarily. They could well be faked too. I'd always check to ensure I was getting something from an eccredited supplier. Buckles breaking when crossing a busy road, or toxic dyes next to my babies' skin, makes the bargain look rather expensively come by....

perfectstorm Sun 28-Aug-11 16:26:42

Hugabubs are REALLY cheap on Ebay if badly listed, by the way, and they're more or less the same (I actually preferred mine). You don't need the DVD with it, either - there is a Youtube link. They can be sold as Hug a bub or Hug-a-bub as well. I've seen them go for as little as a fiver and as much as £40, depending on condition and colour etc. as well as how well they're listed. They're really good wraps, and most importantly I don't think they're faked.

perfectstorm Sun 28-Aug-11 16:27:52

Oops. Sorry to spam but I had the shop we used's URL wrong - it's

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