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Second hand Baby Bjorn or new cheaper model?

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Clueless79 Fri 19-Aug-11 11:19:07

As the title suggests (!) I'm wondering whether it's better and safer to buy a second hand Baby Bjorn off eBay or a cheaper but new carrier such as a Tomy one which sells for £12.99?

I don't know about the safety of second hand carriers or whether if it says in good condition it'll be ok and better quality overall?

I've got a stretchy wrap which I like but ds and I both end up boiling when we go out with it! I'm hoping that a structured carrier will offer more ventilation or is this not the case?


lilham Sat 20-Aug-11 04:48:34

I love my baby bjorn. However, my DD sucks on the front flap non-stop, and the thing can't be put through a washing machine. I'm not sure if it's safe hygiene wise. (Sort of like second hand mattress). But maybe some antibacterial wipes or carpet cleaner should fix it ok? I'm sure structurally it should be sound even second hand.

I've seen the tomy one and it's rubbish. It's hard to do it up unaided, so you aren't likely to use it.

The baby bjorn isn't more ventilated I'm afraid. On very hot days, you'll both end up boiling. But the UK is seldom very hot grin

stripygiraffe Sat 20-Aug-11 04:58:05

Baby Bjorn without a shadow of a doubt. I just sold mine and it can be put through the washing machine.
Cheap ones are rubbish.

Clueless79 Sat 20-Aug-11 18:11:47

Thank you - decision almost made - as long as it can be washed.

Which models did/do you have?

RitaMorgan Sat 20-Aug-11 18:18:54

I'd think about maybe investing in a better structured carrier (or getting a good one second hand) that will last for 12 months+ and you can use on your back too. Baby Bjorns get very uncomfortable after about an hour ime, and aren't any good with a bigger baby.

They're supposed to be bad for the baby's hips/back as well, though apparently the newest model of Baby Bjorn holds the baby in a better position so they are supported rather than dangling.

BeehiveBaby Sat 20-Aug-11 18:21:46

Second hand Ellaroo Wrap, Kozy/ Freehand/ Maya Mei Tai would all be better and similarish price.

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 20-Aug-11 18:26:59

Clueless - I have a Baby Bjorn in fantastic condition (my babies were both very big and I am small, so didn't carry them around an awful lot!) with extra long straps which I will wash and happily sell to you for £10 smile. It is plain navy with a little bit of checked trim. It really is near perfect and not faded or anything.

Clueless79 Sun 21-Aug-11 11:58:07

Sounds great, bibbety - have messaged you.

BeehiveBaby - we have a sleepywrap which I love but it cooks us! Even on the slightest of warm days. Think it'll only come into it's own in the winter. We're both hot bodied I think!

mousymouse Sun 21-Aug-11 12:10:57

get a better carrier. there are ones that are very comfy an you can carry baby for a long time.
I was given a baby björn but it was killing my back when baby was only little. got the ergo carrier and still use it every day at 20m, 14kg. more expensive to buy but good second hand deals are available. can also go in the wash.

lilham Sun 21-Aug-11 20:38:55

Good point about back support. The old original bjorn doesn't have lumbar support. I've got one of the newer models and it has a lumbar support band that puts the weight mainly on the hip, like the backpacks for backpackers. Have a look at the baby bjorn website. Mine is an 'active' and about £60 on amazon. If you buy from eBay check which model they've got.

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