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Just LOST my Beco Gemini - is it worth replacing?

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MyLittleWerewolf Sun 14-Aug-11 11:44:43

Aw. So angry. Took DD in her buggy to shops and park yesterday and had the carrier in the basket under the buggy ready for use. DD is toddling like a maniac now and ended up walking us and the buggy home.

This morning I went to get the Beco out as we're off on a day trip and it's gone sad I think it must have fallen out somewhere in the park - I've called the shop we were in and nothing has been handed in, and I retraced our steps this morning just in case a kind soul has put it aside for us. They haven't.

I am gutted. We saved very hard for it and were planning to sell it on as we are broke. Aside from the fact I found it so useful, DD loved being in it.

DD is 15months old and weighs nearly 30lb I'd guess. I don't know if its worth DP and I spending our very limited budget on another one - I'm not sure how long they can be used for, or if she'll want to go in it in a month or more.
Does anyone still carry a toddler ?

BeehiveBaby Sun 14-Aug-11 12:18:33

Sorry you lost it but if it helps in any way her legs might have got too long for it pretty soon. Off the top of my head Kozy Mei Tais and the Maya Wrap Tai are good value carriers with larger body sections. I started carrying DD1 at 15months and couldn't be without one now with DD2 and 3.

MyLittleWerewolf Sun 14-Aug-11 19:00:53

Thanks for your response - she is quite a long baby already so that is some comfort. I'm going to look into second hand carriers too and maybe try a sling meet as i've never used a mai tai before - is it hard to master ?

BeehiveBaby Mon 15-Aug-11 21:32:40

Dead easy, in fact much easier than a beco style to get baby onto your back IMO/E. SlingMeet the way to go smile

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