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Storchenwiege ring sling - highly recommended

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victoriasmith Fri 15-Jul-11 21:26:52

Just wanted to put a post on about this amazing sling to anyone wondering which to invest in. Have used with DS since day 2 and is now 4 months old, we don't use a pram at all, haven't found the need. Really comfortable and easy to use! This is a woven wrap so mega supportive and one size fits all!

squaLLANDBonfire Fri 22-Jul-11 23:42:11

Ooh yes, we love our Storch RS. The RS we had for DC1 was a lightly-padded closed-tail thing (NoJo - though would recommend a Huggababy over a NoJo for that style), and although that was the right decision for us at the time because it had less of a scary learning curve than adjusting something open-tailed, second time around, I'm finding the open-tailed nature of a wrap RS so much more versatile and tweakable to get a perfect fit.

Although, I had an idea they came in several different sizes and I had to make sure the one I bought was the fat chick large size (I'm not sure about that though, and could be thinking of other makes blush).

We're mostly two-shouldered carrier users in this house, but the ringsling still gets a lot of use for baby and toddler.

Glad you're loving yours! smile

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