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Are Ergos really that great? Want to sell me one? ; 0

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Pussinglads Tue 12-Jul-11 08:37:46

I have a Sleepy Wrap which DD hates. I then bought an Infantino (or similar) - a cheap version of the baby bjorn - she loves it, but it's not great for my back, and I doubt it's that great for her. She only goes in it for short periods, but I want something I can use more regularly.
Heard great things about the Ergo - does anyone have anything bad to say? Don't want to splash out, only for her to have a Sleepy Wrap reaction!!

Oh yes, PM me if you've got one to sell. Looking on eBay too.

fraktious Tue 12-Jul-11 08:39:53

Look on here smile

beamel Tue 12-Jul-11 12:41:03

The Ergo is a well made, supportive carrier but do try one on before you buy. I really wanted one but found that the big padded straps were too wide for my small frame and kept slipping. Like me, you may find that straps which you can cross over your back are a lot more comfortable. Fortunately I went to a shop which had one you could try out.
Also, do be careful buying an Ergo on Ebay, it is flooded with fakes. The cheapest I could find was on Amazon, I think they were £75 or thereabouts.
Agree with fraktious there is lots of useful info on all sorts of carriers on naturalmamas.

emsies Tue 12-Jul-11 13:18:11

How old is your baby? We have an ergo and love it - its truly fantastic and meant we could carry our daughter for nearly 2 years. I'm not sure how goo dit is for newborns/little babies though. I used a stretchy wrap which I will use again with no 2.

Do you have a slingmeet near you or anything similar where you could try different things? Our AP group has plenty to try and most people also have ergos!

Pussinglads Tue 12-Jul-11 13:45:16

Thanks everyone. I bought a Sport one from First Signs (on the official website list of suppliers) for £85, inc P&P. Apparently they're lighter, more breathable, and better for tall folk (am 5'10, DH 6'). beamel we should be ok with the straps, as slight we are not wink.emsies she's 5 months and 18lb.

An expensive splurge, but I don't mind if it's used a lot and is comfortable.

emsies Tue 12-Jul-11 18:04:54

Fantastic! Hope you get on well with it. My husband even agreed to use it which was great when we were out walking smile

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