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Which structured sling?

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pugh Sat 02-Jul-11 21:30:06

Baby bjorn really started to hurt my bakc with DH and DC 2is on the way. Would like something I could swop between them.

Patapum seems to have to move up to a toddler size.

Beco looks really good but expensive. Although butterfly is on sale is a gemini the better one?

Any suggestions? Will look on ebay too.

Gastonladybird Sat 02-Jul-11 21:33:29

Ergo - moved to that from baby Bjorne and had years of use

Loopymumsy Sun 03-Jul-11 15:48:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pugh Sun 03-Jul-11 16:17:42

Thanks ladies. Will have a look at swoppingsite.

pugh Sun 03-Jul-11 17:37:51

another question: can the ergo and beco be forward facing at all?

pugh Sun 03-Jul-11 17:39:17

from loopy' s response it seems only gemini allows it

Gastonladybird Sun 03-Jul-11 17:44:05

No ergo can't be forward facing but can be side or rear carrier so more versatile in that sense. The belt on it also shifts weight away from
Neck and shoulders (dd never liked facing out ).

RitaMorgan Sun 03-Jul-11 17:48:15

I have a beco butterfly and absolutely love it - especially love that you can put the baby in it first then put it on, so I find it much easier to get on my back and swap from back to front, and between me and DP without taking ds out.

It doesn't go front facing but I don't really like having babies front facing anyway so not an issue for me.

Loopymumsy Sun 03-Jul-11 20:31:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belindarose Sun 03-Jul-11 20:38:58

Haven't used any of those previously mentioned, but get on very well with my Connecta which is a bit lower in price, I think.

halfdrunktea Tue 05-Jul-11 20:25:09

The Manduca is good. It can be used from 3.5kg as there's an inbuilt infant insert up to 20kg.
Haven't used a Beco, but they look good too.

pugh Tue 05-Jul-11 20:43:24

Thanks everyone.joined one of the babywesring sites and had some advice. Don't think Gemini will do. Also looks like only ergo would be and option for both kids as/when we need it. Otherwise need to buy two!! Which is what I'm trying to avoid.not that fussed bout outward facing -I think-and tbh I stopped using B Bj by then anyway as my back was getting too sore.

Manduca looks good too tho. Betwixt!! Always loved Rose and rebellion for their designs and ethos...but doesn't gt v good score on mn reviews.

IrritaGirl Tue 05-Jul-11 20:47:22

I also have a Connecta and love it!

pugh Tue 05-Jul-11 21:06:27

Back looking at Beco butterfly. Another question:is sleeping hood only for infants?what happens if toddler falls asleep on your back?

belindarose Tue 05-Jul-11 21:08:43

Mine seems to rest her head on my back. We put the hood up if there's a second person to so it, but only once she's fully asleep or else she protests strongly!

RitaMorgan Tue 05-Jul-11 22:58:47

I use the hood if 10 month old ds falls asleep on my back - he rests his head on my back as belindarose says but I like having the hood up too to support him.

You can see him asleep in the Beco with the hood up here

I used to have a Rose and Rebellion but sold it to get the Beco instead. I loved it on my front with ds between about 5-9 months, but my then he was too heavy and I found it impossible to get him on my back. I couldn't master chucking him over my shoulder and holding him there while I got the sling around him.

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