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Is it possible to travel to a hot country with a a toddler and a baby carrier (no buggy)?

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schroedingersdodo Sun 26-Jun-11 22:35:31

I'm planning to go to Italy in a few weeks, to Venice and Florence. The plan was to take our Ergo carrier and no buggy (in previous trips the buggy ended up in the hotel as the ergo was much better for walking around).

I was told it was a terrible idea as it will be too hot to carry DS, who is 14mo and 12kg, and that I should by all means take a buggy.

We're still reluctant to take a buggy with us, but I'm worried about the heat. I guess people babywear in African and Asian countries, which are not chilly places, and they manage. But how can we do it?

Any tips? Or should we just give up and get a pushchair? (we don't have an umbrella buggy, so we'd have to buy one).

kiteflying Wed 29-Jun-11 12:39:33

You can always buy a pushchair there if you get it wrong - it is not as though you are going to the moon. You should be able to get something cheap in Oviesse (spelling?) and then if you really hate the idea of loading it on a plane, make sure it is is cheap enough to leave behind without regret.
I had to use a pushchair in Singapore - it was just too humid for my eleven month old to bear being strapped to me all the time. 12 kg is quite heavy to carry all day though - you might want to be able to switch from one day to the next.

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