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baby bjorn comfort - is it like the ergo?

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PeppaPigandGeorge Sat 25-Jun-11 17:46:50

We currently have a baby bjorn synergy, and I can no longer carry my 6mo comfortably, in spite of the back support.

Reading through threads here, it seems an ergo or connecta type carrier may be good for us (don't get on with wrap type carriers). However, the BB comfort carrier looks to my untrained eye to overcome the objections to the 'crotch dangler' baby bjorn carriers. I have mothercare vouchers so would be able to get the comfort with these, rather than spend cash on an ergo.

Any suggestions? As I've never seen an ergo in the flesh, it's hard for me to compare. Oh, and I live in the back of beyond so sling meet not really an option for me.

beamel Sat 25-Jun-11 21:44:34

Not sure I am convinced by the Comfort TBH. It does have a thick waist band so should be more comfortable for the wearer than the Synergy but still looks as if it forces the baby into the 'crotch dangler' position when facing out. So it depends what you want to do with it. If you just want to carry facing you it may well work. The advantage of the Ergo and Connecta is that although there is no facing out option you can back carry, which is more comfortable for you once your child gets a bit bigger.
Ergo and Connecta are both great carriers but quite different. Also the Beco Gemini and Manduca may be worth you checking out. It's definitely worth trying before you buy if you possibly can. I had decided on an Ergo but when I tried one I found the shoulder straps were the wrong shape for me and kept slipping.
Difficult if you are out in the sticks, maybe hire one before you buy ?
Hope that helps !

beamel Sat 25-Jun-11 21:58:09

Sorry, one last point re. the BB - a good carrier will support the child from the back of one knee to the back of the other. Doesn't look as if the BB will do this.

mousymouse Sat 25-Jun-11 22:06:39

don't know about the bb, only had the cheap one very briefly.
bought the ergo carrier after a literally back braking journey and still at 18m carry dd daily without any back problems. even went hiking with it in the peak district.

RitaMorgan Sat 25-Jun-11 22:10:53

I couldn't carry ds on my front much past 8 months - if you get a new carrier you really need to be able to do a back carry.

breadandhoney Sat 25-Jun-11 22:12:37

I had then synergy and then moved on to the comfort, which I am still using now (dd is almost 1 year and over 24lbs) It is great. The weight is distributed to your hips, so it spares your shoulders. I should say I have no experience with other baby carriers but this works well for me. I use it for up to one hour at a time.

RitaMorgan Sat 25-Jun-11 22:19:16

I'm not sure about the Ergo, but with a Beco carrier you can put the baby in first and then get it on your back - easier that a Connecta type where you have to get the baby and carrier on all in one go.

I can carry my 10 month old for hours on my back in a Beco, and he can sleep in it too.

mousymouse Sat 25-Jun-11 22:27:41

the ergo you have to get on first and put baby in then. but if I let dd out to walk for a bit, I just let it hang from my hips iyswim.
I can carry dd in in for hours without tiring.

PeppaPigandGeorge Sun 26-Jun-11 13:03:13

Thanks for the help everyone! Beco sounds good - like that you can get them into the carrier first before puttingit on to your back.

I hadn't thought of hiring first - does anyone know where I would be able to hire one online?

beamel Sun 26-Jun-11 18:06:33

I have hired from and found them really good. They do Beco carriers and will give you a discount if you buy from them after hiring !

PeppaPigandGeorge Sun 26-Jun-11 21:03:21


ishchel Mon 27-Jun-11 14:44:29

i'm messaging you.

ishchel Mon 27-Jun-11 14:52:08

really sorry, I just read your name properly and you may be somebody different. I thought you were 'peppapig' the bf researcher who I've answered a few surveys for in the past.

PeppaPigandGeorge Mon 27-Jun-11 15:28:40

Nope, not me! Though I have done a lot of BFing grin

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