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Hippychick hip seat, any good? Other recommendations?

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2littlegreenmonkeys Sun 15-May-11 16:01:42

I was thinking of getting a hippychick hip seat to carry DD2 to and from school when I drop off and pick up DD1. I don't fancy getting the pushchair out everytime, but DD2 is diddy and wont walk for long and is too heavy to be carried without some support for me as I have bad joints and back.

I like the idea of the support of the hip seat but don't like the fact that I wouldn't be hands free.

Can anyone let me know how they got on with a hip seat or recommend something that would leave me hands free but can carry DD2 who is 22 months and almost 12kg.


peggotty Sun 15-May-11 16:04:11

Well I had one of these but it didn't work for me because I have no waist or hips (not literally of course, I'm apple-shaped) so it didn't work for me at all! I found it really uncomfortable because of this. So take into account your body shape if you do get one of these!

2littlegreenmonkeys Sun 15-May-11 16:34:55

Thank you smile

EveryonesJealousOfGingers Sun 15-May-11 16:48:11

Both DH and I love our hippychick - I have childbearing hips but doesn't obviously! I find it easier now DD is a bit older (now 15m) - when she was little she was always turning herself round which threw her off balance - she is much more cooperative now re holding on. I got mine second hand off Ebay.

Derbygirl3 Fri 10-Jun-11 20:35:35

I loved mine but found it best round the house or on days out with family rather than on walks. We used a wilkinet carrier it was great. got ours off a site called ten bags of sugar

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