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Sling - best to buy after baby's here?

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Saffra Thu 12-May-11 08:25:24

I'm pg at the moment but I'm thinking of using a sling around the house and on outdoor walks with dog for when my baby arrives.

Is it best to be prepared and buy one before baby arrives? (Was thinking of a fabric sling like the Moby).

Or, would it be better to wait and see what the baby's like before purchasing?

Indith Thu 12-May-11 08:33:44

I think a wrap sling such as the Moby is a great buy before the baby arrives because you can carry the baby in different ways, you can do a cradle carry or an upright carry if your baby prefers being upright. A Wrap is also a great buy because it will last a long time. A stretchy like the Moby will last 6 months or so, a woven wrap will last you right through to toddlerhood and beyond.

The only slings I wouldn't buy before birth are pouches because realistically you only use them for a short time and if you have a refluxy baby who wants to be upright you probably wouldn't use it but a wrap is a great choice.

CosmicMouse Wed 18-May-11 13:47:38

Agree with Indith, a wrap...whether woven or stretchy would be a great buy. Wouldn't have been without my Moby for the first couple of months, and have used woven wraps ever since with DD (21mo)

feedingatoddler Wed 18-May-11 13:50:23

I got a wrap before DS arrived and it was good because I could practice tying it smile With a fabric one like this it doesn't matter if your bump is in the way when you're tying it empty anyway. I think I first used it when DS was 2 weeks old.

Albrecht Wed 18-May-11 15:24:36

Yeah I agree get it before and practice. Also see if you have a local slingmeet where you can try out different types.

halfdrunktea Fri 20-May-11 17:32:51

Buy or at least try (eg at a slingmeet if you have one near you) before the baby arrives, using a baby-sized doll. Then practice lots. I wish I had done this. There's a bewildering choice of slings and you may be too tired to do enough online research with the baby.

Happypapa Sun 05-Jun-11 12:14:10

I bought a Kari-Me wrap before DD was born (she's only a week old) and I've found it BRILLIANT. I've been encouraging my wife to try and sleep a bit during the day as she's still a bit tired and uncomfortable from giving birth plus she's breastfeeding. While she sleeps I put the baby in the sling and get our flat back in shape and do some washing/washing up. I've been doing it since day two and so far she LOVES it. Be warned though, I think the Kari-Me was about 40 quid and it's nothing more than a long piece of fabric. You could easily make your own. Could be something to occupy you while you're (potentially) bored and frustrated in the last couple of weeks.

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