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What should baby wear when I take her out in the moby?

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haloflo Mon 11-Apr-11 15:02:21

DD is 13 days old and I took her out in my moby wrap for the first time today. We were out for 15 mins and when I got back her face was covered in my sweat. Hopefully this is mainly my hormones but what is the best way of keeping her cool? Should I get a different sling? I want to her to feel secure but not worry about her overheating.

cheepcheepchoconora Mon 11-Apr-11 15:07:06

moby is the best type of wrap IMO for a newborn - how many layers did she have on? Think about how many times the wrap is over her on the outside, and against your body heat on the inside
in this weather (assuming its quite warm where you are) I would just put in a short sleeved vest/ sleepsuit - also think about what you are wearing if you are sweating too ?

you'll work out the right layering eventually

if you are worried about her being cold if you stop somewhere and get her out maybe just take a cardie or something to put on ?

haloflo Mon 11-Apr-11 15:42:10

She had a short sleeved vest & a sleepsuit on. I had a t shirt on. I do think my hormones are a bit out still & the queue at the post office was quite long. She looked happy in the moby so hopefully it will be ok, even its just for walks rather than trips to town where we are in & out of shops.

cheepcheepchoconora Mon 11-Apr-11 20:38:50

sounds fine to me thinking about it now - if the sweat was on her face it was probably you - like you say hormones etc... to check how warm she is, feel her tum or under her arms when you take her out - should be snuggly but not hot

sc2987 Sun 22-May-11 19:59:09

I have a Sleepy Wrap (similar to a Moby) and I always wear my daughter skin-to-skin in it, so she is only wearing a nappy. She is always warm enough because the skin contact keeps her the right temperature, and it's very important to have that contact during the first nine months for various reasons (e.g. heart/respiration rate regulation, insulin production, psychological need etc).

If I need to get her out at the destination I take a blanket or sleeping bag.

Albrecht Tue 31-May-11 15:12:16

In the summer I'd only put them in one layer. You can always wrap your own clothes around them if it gets cooler but its hard to take anything off them once they are in. Get a big fleece for winter that fits over the sling.

You can get baby leg warmers if you are worried about dangly legs.

I sweated a lot in the first few weeks, your body is dumping all that extra fluid plus probably some adrenalin! And sweat works to cool you down as it evaporates so won't do her any harm, just a bit gross.

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