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What should DD be wearing in this weather

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splatt Fri 26-Nov-10 17:18:55

My DD is 5 weeks old.

Have a Moby Wrap which I've been using in the house to get us both used to it. As she's now a bit more settled I want to start going out with her in it as have 2 dogs which have been a bit neglected of late on the walks front!!

What I don't know is what to dress her in when out in this cold weather in the wrap. She'll be warm next to me but it's bitterly cold. Snow suit seems a bit of over kill and very bulky but no outer wear doesn't seem enough!

What does everyone else do?

curlyredhead Fri 26-Nov-10 17:24:14

When my winter baby (dd1) was teeny, I had her in a stretchy wrap with normal indoor clothes plus a lightweight cardigan, then the stretchy wrap (moby in your case), then a maternity cardigan or coat over the top of both of us, put a hat on her. As she got bigger I would put a blanket on the outside, tucked into the wrap.

One of the great thing about slings is that you are sharing your body heat, as long as neither of you is too bundled up, and you will help her regulate her body temperature. I would be very wary of a snowsuit on a teeny baby and then into a stetchy wrap sling, it could be very overhot for her.

You can also get babywearing covers: ng-cover.html quite pricey, but
useful if you are going to be carrying a lot (ie over the next year or more, rather than a few months).

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