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Mei Tai on Ebay - anyone bought it?

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GoingToBonnieDoon Thu 18-Nov-10 22:31:46

I have been thinking of trying a mei tai but don't want to spend much, seen this on ebay for cheapness - can anyone tell me if its any good?

I've been on Natural Mamas FSOT site but its like another language and don't understand any of the thread titles so resorted to Ebay!

togarama Fri 19-Nov-10 11:38:50

I can't see a brand / manufacturer name on this listing but I think it's a Free Hand mei tai. (By chance, I happened to be on the website and there was an identical photo on the left hand side advertising Free Hand mei tais!)

They're very well reviewed in general and I've seen people on here mention them positively before. We swapped our freehand for something else early on because DD seemed too small for it at the time and I just couldn't get her comfortable. I may try to get another one now that she's a hefty toddler.

You can look up reviews and ratings on other sites (e.g. there's a limited "Carriers and Slings" page in the Mumsnet Review section and a much bigger selection of reviews on

Quite a few of us here seem to be on the Yahoo slings and wraps group where you can buy, sell or trade. I've had some good bargains in the £25-£35 price range through this group.

GoingToBonnieDoon Fri 19-Nov-10 16:28:52

tog thanks for that, I'll go and see if I can find the yahoo group. I'll have a look on too. Thanks again.

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