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Soft back carrier suitable for holidays !!!

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underactivethyroidmum Thu 18-Nov-10 20:57:31

Please can you wise ladies point me in the right direction.

My DS is 10 months old and although only 17lbs he is tall - and gangly - for his age.

I am looking for a carrier that is suitable for use on both my front and back which I can use when we head to Florida next month.

I like the look of a patapum but I'm not sure if they are worth £50 or should I just buy a cheap Baby Bjorn/Chicco carrier ???

I had hoped to try a patapum but can't find a shop nearby (manchester) that stock them

All advice greatly received !

Scaredycat3000 Sat 20-Nov-10 12:32:57

From what you have said it's ether a Mei tai, or a SSC (soft structured carrier). The difference is a Mai tai is tied on and does not require adjustment between different carries/person and the SSC is set up for each different time, but quicker to put on. Both good for front and back carries and should last you for a year or more. The patapum is a SSC. You do not want a crotch dangler Baby Bjorn. Your child should be sitting, knees above bum IYSWIM, in the carrier for comfort and the development of their hips. If you can buy it in a shop it probably isn't any good TBH! There is a good trade in second hand or pre-loved smile carriers as well, also a chance to get you money back. A good place to start is here for information, preloved sales and advise.
Good luck.

jamaisjedors Sat 20-Nov-10 12:41:56

mei tei.

You cannot carry a 10mth old in a baby bjorn.

tillymama Sat 20-Nov-10 14:22:13

A mei tai would probably a slightly cheaper option. Please don't buy a Baby Bjorn, it won't be comfortable for either of you.

There is a Slingmeet in Levenshulme if you can get there? Be a great way of trying something out, and they also have a Sling you might even be able to borrow something? Jeanette who runs the meet is lovely.

belindarose Mon 22-Nov-10 13:03:15

I have a Connecta (SSC), recommended by someone on here, which works like a mei tei but with buckles. Brilliant on front or back with my 15 mo old.

underactivethyroidmum Mon 22-Nov-10 14:41:17

Thank yu guys for all your advice - I've been to look at a few in a local baby wear shop and was quite surprised how uncomfortable the Baby Bjorn I tried on felt !

Laughing at Scaredy Cat as yes he was Crotch dangling grin and thanks for the link !

I thinks after much deliberation a mei tei is looking just the thing all I have to do now is choose a colour !!!!

AngelDog Tue 23-Nov-10 09:12:26

Solarweave Connecta is great IMO - a mei tai style with buckles. Does front and back carries, is very lightweight, can be used in water (eg a splash park) and has factor 50 sun protection including a sun hood. We've been using it for DS since he was about your DS's weight (around 5/6 months), now 11 months and I know of people who've used them for older toddlers, up to even age 4.

We like it as it isn't too 'fabric-wrap-looking' so DH feels comfortable wearing it.

You can hire them from Petit Poppet slings if you want to try one out.

underactivethyroidmum Thu 02-Dec-10 16:06:14

Yeah my patapum has arrived courtesy of ebay grin - just have to practise now !

elk4baby Thu 02-Dec-10 18:54:07

I have the Beco Butterfly 2 and love it! grin]
They're quite pricey, but soo worth the money! (and I've tried about 5 different ones, before splashing out on one!)

Scaredycat3000 Sat 04-Dec-10 21:40:27

Yey grin Hope you enjoy it! You can swing him onto your back from 6 months, they can see everyone and take part more, it's so much fun for them not to just see legs wink (and easier to carry). Youtube is great for videos showing you how. My DS will now climb on my back if I get down!

TheHoneydragonsInTheIvy Sat 04-Dec-10 21:42:26

Connecta - quick easy and awesome

ethelinaTheBloodyGreatXmasElf Sat 04-Dec-10 21:56:26

Connecta here as well. So comfy for both of us and DH wears it too.

Montifer Sat 04-Dec-10 22:05:37

I presume the Papatum is similar to the Ergo (SSC) so can't resist this link.

Works a treat and DS loved it, watch out for lampshades grin

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