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kari-me/moby/moby D or close carrier?????

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RobynLou Wed 10-Nov-10 23:42:33

I carried DD in a mei tai type thing which I was carried in as a baby, then we moved on to a baba sling and a patapum toddler.

Would like to try a wrap this time, and would like a stretchy one to start as I like the idea of keeping it on and popping lo in/out of it, and feeding in it too - I fed DD in all the carriers we used, but they weren't really designed for it (apart from the babasling).

what's so much better about a moby D compared to a moby to justify the price?

togarama Thu 11-Nov-10 16:30:09

I've used the Moby, Moby D and Close carrier but not the Kari-me.

The Moby D has a panel of non-stretchy material in the middle and is meant to be more supportive because of this. I couldn't tell much of a difference myself. My experience is that both are excellent with small babies but that a woven wrap is much better for carrying heavier babies and toddlers. (If you've already got a Mei Tai and Patapum then you're probably sorted for the heavier stage anyway.)

The Close carrier is made of the same kind of stretchy, snuggly jersey material as the Moby and is structured in a way which approximates a front-cross-carry tied wrap but with side rings for easy adjustment. I found it an easier starting point than the Moby until I learned to wrap properly. After that I found both equally good.

So, I'd recommend any of these three for a small baby (especially the Close carrier for those not yet confident with wrapping technique) and none of them for a bigger child.

Loopymumsy Thu 11-Nov-10 20:59:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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