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Sling shops for trying them out? Or a recommendation please!

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MrsC2010 Sun 26-Sep-10 14:32:01

Hi all,
I currently have a Sleepy Wrap, (like Moby) but want a clip on style one like the Beco or Ergo for when out and about. There are so many to choose from that I wondered if anyone knew of a shop that stocked a decent range? Most places only offer the Bjorn that I'm not sold on, perhaps slings etc aren't that popular?

I'm on the South Coast but don't mind travelling a little, I want to get the right one and they're not cheap!

If not, a personal recommendation would really help too!


misdee Sun 26-Sep-10 14:34:49


misdee Sun 26-Sep-10 14:35:35


MoominMymbleandMy Sun 26-Sep-10 14:49:42


There are very few bricks and mortar sling shops - I think your nearest might be SlingJax in North London (it's listed on Sling Guide).

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