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Groovee Thu 19-Oct-17 22:58:13

New thread 😘

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Groovee Sat 23-Dec-17 21:10:36

I've lost the plot!

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Petaldrops Sat 23-Dec-17 23:07:59

Hope everyone is doing well I was down 3 1/2lbs this week taking me into a new weight bracket that I haven't seen in at least 8 years. So happy hopefully I won't do too much damage over the Christmas holidays.

PositiveAttitude Sun 24-Dec-17 07:31:17

Well done Petal

Groovee Don't panic!! You know you can jump back into it after a blip no matter how big the blip is. Enjoy Christmas and then get back to it.

Happy Christmas everyone.

latedecember1963 Sun 24-Dec-17 09:24:05

Groovee, Positive Attitude is right, you'll be back on it once the festivities are done. I sometimes think the change in routine is as tricky as the food.

My late FiL was German so we always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I'll wish everyone a Merry Christmas now before I get caught up in the prep. 🎅❄⛄

Groovee Sun 24-Dec-17 09:54:32

I think I am struggling because Dec has mine and Dh's birthdays as well as other family birthdays. Then Christmas. I'll take any gain on the chin and get to target by Easter x

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caremummy Sun 24-Dec-17 15:30:43

Another SP day. I miss potatoes so much.
Having a normal day tomorrow, but can't go over syns.
Plan is: Linda mac roast (free), stuffing (3), roast potatoes and veg (free), gravy (1-3: not worked out) and a lazy day tiffin or similar at 7-8 syns.
Then SP Tuesday and Wednesday.
Another HIIT class this morning.
This better work, but I don't feel like I've lost anything yet 😭 I'll actually be devastated 😭
Working tonight got my free lime cordial to have with soda. No crisps 👀 Happy Christmas to you all 🎄

Groovee Sun 24-Dec-17 18:35:49

🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 thank you for your support in losing 4st this year.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

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Lousmith Mon 25-Dec-17 13:19:11

I started in August and have lost about 12lbs. I haven’t been consistent due to working two jobs and uni. I’ve been quite lazy with it but determined to get to my club 10 weight in the next few months. Being part of SW is great as the weigh in tends to give you a boost even if you put on weight. You can reflect and rethink for the week ahead. My dad is also a member but due to his diabetes and new tablets he’s been yo-yoing. Looking forward to 2018 and hopefully slimming down! Good luck everyone

ibuiltahomeforyou Tue 26-Dec-17 18:08:36

I'm going to go to weigh in tomorrow - has anyone ever been to a post-Christmas weigh in?

I'm intrigued as to what it'll be like! X

Lousmith Tue 26-Dec-17 18:22:31

Mines tomorrow, good luck! It will be nice to get a new weight a work on losing more

Groovee Tue 26-Dec-17 19:58:13

I booked tomorrow as a holiday. Going next week instead to get back on track. I had only used 2 weeks holiday so decided to allow myself to enjoy my 40th.

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caremummy Tue 26-Dec-17 21:30:39

back on it tomorrow x good xmas but feel so sick and bloated haha, about 30 syns over the last two days

Petaldrops Tue 26-Dec-17 21:45:22

I'm back on it from tomorrow as well, completely over indulged since Friday, I'm heading to weigh in tomorrow and totally expecting a massive gain but I want to go into 2018 with a better mind set for my weight and know that just because I enjoyed myself over Christmas doesn't mean I should feel guilty and avoid the scales for fear of the number.

PositiveAttitude Wed 27-Dec-17 06:21:35

My WI is delayed until Thursday this week. Ibuilt last year it was a lot quieter the week between Christmas and New Year, but encouraging and with a festive feel. Absolutely no condemnation or blame for those who have gained. There was a massive difference between those who had managed to lose, maintain and the people who gained - some a huge amount.
Then the 1st meeting in the new year is where the consultant does her welcome talk to everyone. I thought that was really good last year as I picked up a few things that I had missed 1st time around and really gets you focused to move into the new year.

I have 1 mince pie, 1 slice of yule log, 1 slice of christmas cake and my favourite bread stashed away for after WI tomorrow. wink

caremummy Wed 27-Dec-17 19:14:10

I can feel I've put so much on 😭 I've got another HIIT tomorrow. SP resumed and calorie limited because fruit as a snack is putting me over 😭 Just until I'm in the next stone bracket. SW, SP, HIIT and 1200 cals please please work

caremummy Wed 27-Dec-17 19:15:12

WI tomorrow and I can't have a day off ever it seems as I just go on a slippery slope

caremummy Thu 28-Dec-17 22:41:06

Maintained ! Sorry for ydays emotion 😂 Solved my problems by givinf up snacks

PositiveAttitude Thu 28-Dec-17 22:56:37

0.5lb off for me tonight. mega chuffed. I reached my end of year target by being the lowest weight tonight that I have been for over 20 years. Onwards and downwards for 2018!!

Did everyone get the free gift this week - I think this is the best present I have had from SW. A great little journal to get me on track for next year.

LollipopViolet Fri 29-Dec-17 08:47:59

Hello all smile

Well after half a pound on over Christmas I’m back on plan with a vengeance.

Breakfast today will be some fruit - melon, strawberries and grapes.
Lunch I’ve not planned yet.
Dinner will be one of the SW meals and some veggies.

If anyone has seen my recent thread in here, you’ll know I’ve got a skating competition in February and my dress currently won’t go over my thighs and rear - boo! sad

caremummy Fri 29-Dec-17 22:20:42

B:weetabix choc (b) with banana and blackberry
D: leftover over mushroom risotto and some vegan cheese
T: veg chilli with rice
5-8 syns on vegan cheese and a drink. ATM I'm calorie counting (for a fortnight) and trying to follow SW principles as well. Chop and change but always SW

FelixCited Sat 30-Dec-17 08:38:13

2lb loss this week, mainly due to a dreadful bug so haven’t wanted to eat anything.

caremummy Sat 30-Dec-17 15:33:24

B: weetabix with clementine (a&b)
D: sushi with rice, asparagus and d tomato (0.5) hummus (4)
Relapsed a bit with snacking due to some cotton candy grapes but at least they were healthy. Also, 2 syns of vegan chocolate

latedecember1963 Sun 31-Dec-17 11:04:25

Got on the scales this morning and I think I've put on about 4 lbs over Christmas. I've allowed myself chocolate and shortbread and the odd glass of wine. We've also had a meal out with friends and an Indian takeaway for my birthday. I'll go to WI on Tuesday, accept the gain and start afresh. I'm still slimmer than I was this time last year, when I was feeling pretty rubbish about myself.

LollipopViolet Sun 31-Dec-17 11:47:57

B was fruit again.
Lunch is going to be leftover Diet Coke chicken
D will be a nice lamb curry smile

Groovee Sun 31-Dec-17 18:51:22

We need a 2018 thread.

Thank you to you all for your amazing support this year. 🎯 is in sight for me!

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