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Not losing weight but maybe I’m healthier?

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Littlepond Sun 15-Nov-20 21:36:20

I’ve not lost any weight on SW. my target is 3 stone off. So it’s not like I’ve not Got a lot to lose.

I’ve stopped drinking alcohol and I’m eating loads of fruit and veg which I never did before!

I’m doing 16:8 too.

I’ve been on the plan for 6 weeks now with maybe 3 days “off” (pizza for daughters birthday, drinks out with a friend) and I’ve lost zero pounds. I lost 1lb my first week then it went back on and since then, nothing.

I don’t know what else to do - I love the plan and it’s easy to stick to, I have never stuck to anything else like WW or calorie counting.

I suppose I should just be happy that I’m probably healthier even if I’m not slimmer. I cook everything from scratch pretty much!

Anyone else not losing weight but just trying to see the benefits of being healthier?

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Mixitupalot Sun 15-Nov-20 21:44:26

Portion sizes?

No point sticking to something if it’s not working when the goal is weight loss.

Littlepond Sun 15-Nov-20 22:12:02

Yeh but I won’t stick to anything else either. Yeh maybe I need to up my exercise. I walk a lot but I know that’s not enough. SW feels like the healthiest approach I’ve had to eating in a while tbh

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KihoBebiluPute Mon 16-Nov-20 09:28:26

SW does help to rebalance the kinds of foods that you eat, but it is unhelpful in insisting that you don't need to worry about the amounts that you eat for some foods - it's not realistic. All food contains calories and there is no such thing as a food that you can eat as much as you like of and still lose weight (well, maybe celery).

If you aren't losing weight then the amount you are eating is providing all the fuel your body needs for the energy you are expending. You either need to eat less, or move more, or both. But yes, you probably are healthier. Getting plenty of vegetables in your diet is always good no matter how much you weigh.

JingleAndTonic Mon 16-Nov-20 09:36:54

Could you try working out the amount of calories you need to be in a deficit and then work out how many you have on an average day on SW?

I've done this before and it's been really useful as I started to not really use my syns and thought it would help me lose weight but actually it slowed it down so when I looked at my cals I wasn't eating enough. There are also some people who could be eating 2500 cals a day on 'free' food.

I don't count cals every day but do check in on them every so often just to make sure I'm on the right track and it's helped me learn to eyeball the right amount of pasta/potatoes etc for me without having to actually weigh them all the time.

But I agree you probably are much healthier with eating all the fruit and veg and lower fat items and that's the main thing in a lot of ways!

Frankola Mon 16-Nov-20 16:27:31

Portion control. Just because a food is 'free doesn't mean it's truly unlimited.

Pasta and potatoes are apparently free but it wouldn't take a massive portion of these foods for you to be over calories for the day. Not to mention the complexity of the food to digest.

Up your exercise too

Twinklestarrynight Sun 22-Nov-20 01:44:20

Also make sure 1/3 of every meal is speed food (not just free).
So for breakfast I have weetabix, milk and an apple
Lunch I’ll have egg, ham, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, pickled onion, lettuce and a bit of low fat coleslaw
Dinner I’ll have cottage pie but with carrot & swede mash on top instead of mashed potato and a side of broccoli

Bobbi73 Wed 25-Nov-20 01:01:03

I heard some one say something about different pasta being higher in calories and it's true. 100g of Fusilli has 357 calories whereas penne has 160.
I don't calorie count as normal but if you are not in a calorie deficit, you won't lose weight. Keep a food diary for a couple of weeks and when groups go back, talk to your consultant. They should be able to point out what's going wrong.
I'm losing weight very slowly but feel a lot healthier. I hope it all works out for you.

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