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Being weighed and person commenting on weight gain

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Mvshrln Mon 12-Oct-20 15:48:52

Recently started SW again once groups resumed in person after lockdown. The group has a new consultant who is very bouncy and full of energy, which is great! HOWEVER I've only been back 3 times and it's made me a bit twitchy..
You get weighed by x2 members, one of which is new-ish to the group. I've noticed when someone gains weight she will make comments like "OH DEAR!" and "that's not good!". Of course she's right but it seems a bit unfair to pass judgement when you're already feeling a bit shit about gaining.
During body image, the new consultant also tells the group how much you have gained/lost. With the previous consultant, she wouldn't specify to the group how much you've gained but would approach it in a more tactful way. I was a bit surprised when she announced my gain in front of everyone (which also followed the comments at the scales).
Am I being a touch pathetic? I feel crap enough about a gain (which was 1/2 pound though so I'm not really beating myself up) but now I feel a bit meh about it all.

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WINDOLENE Mon 12-Oct-20 19:37:35

Used to hate that group weight thing then the what can you do differently this week. If you're not OK to say stop commenting like that can't you have a word with the leader and just mention it?

EveryThingWillBeWorthIt Mon 12-Oct-20 19:37:59

I don't believe they should 'announce' gains but then personally I don't believe in them announcing losses and maintains! I'm a target member so am supposed to maintain but it's not overly clear hmm
I'd have a quiet word with your consultant and explain it makes you feel uncomfortable. Consultants are there to support you and perhaps s/he/they don't realise. X

Plussizejumpsuit Mon 12-Oct-20 19:42:57

That's sounds fucking awful
But I'm nit sure I believe these groups actually work long term so I'm not the best person to comment. Doesn't feel right though! Definitely have a word with the person in charge of the group.

TeaOneSugar Mon 12-Oct-20 19:43:24

I would speak to your consultant the social team shouldn't be making comments.

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 12-Oct-20 19:46:08

Sounds like little Britain’s fat club shock

I did SW for a while ... one of the ladies running it was massive. Don’t mean to be unkind but not a great advert is it ... clearly not working for her

jdoejnr1 Mon 12-Oct-20 19:47:04

Isn't that the whole point of those kinda clubs?

RaspberryToupee Mon 12-Oct-20 19:49:02

SW likes to fat shame, so I’m not surprised!

You can mention that you don’t want those comments and if they continue, try to find another group.

Mvshrln Tue 13-Oct-20 12:14:57

Sounds like little Britain’s fat club shock

omg this comment grin

thanks everyone for your replies! I did message the consultant about the comments when being weighed. The response was "I'm sorry you feel that way" but that they would speak to the people who do the weighing. I didn't bring up the fact that the gain was 'announced' in front of the group because I wasn't sure how to approach it or if I was being a bit sensitive, and I was also having a whinge about something else:
I said I didn't feel very supported as there is a big focus on one group member who is doing exceptionally well, but their advice is mostly "I've stopped eating whole packets of biscuits" or "don't eat 5 share bags of crisps". They're doing really well which is brilliant, but majority of each session each week is taken up by this type of advice rather than recipe sharing or ways to make veggies more exciting (lol).

I didn't word my message to the consultant in this way btw I said I felt like it would be good to hear a range of ideas rather than the same advice which isn't actually helpful or relevant to some.

But I think I'm probably just coming across as a massive, bitter cow lol. It's going to be nice and awkward this week at the group too as I've absolutely gained weight!

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SummersGranny Sat 24-Oct-20 01:04:28

Aww, having moved around I have been to many of these groups over the years and they really are only any good if you get a particularly sensitive and intelligent consultant! The basic psychological model used can be very clunky at times. Weight is a very complex and personal issue to deal with and I am sure our emotions play a huge part, therefore peoples feelings need to be carefully considered in these group sessions, which takes exceptional talent on the part of the facilitator. If you don't feel able to ask this consultant not to disclose your info as its uncomfortable for you (sounds downright painful) maybe you should try another group and see if it feels more supportive and useful? I notice you speak quite unkindly about yourself. Dont forget you are paying money for this help which you have been brave in reaching out for, you have made a positive commitment to doing something for yourself, and SW is a multi million pound business after all!

JLQ1020 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:26:51

I would change groups if you don't feel comfortable. Ive been to a few groups as I moved around a lot but I have a firm favourite and now that I've relocated permanently I've been able to rejoin my first ever group. You can always ask you consultant not to comment on gains or losses. You can alos ask to talk to him or her privately before or after group.

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