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Thinking about SW

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Overthinker84 Sun 13-Sep-20 11:12:28

Hi, I have been thinking about joining Slimming World for a while and wanted to know if it is actually worth it and works? I cant stop eating currently 🤣.
I have done fitness pal before and it worked but think I have got to the point of eating too much now to drastically cut my calories like that again.
Is it restrictive? My friend has done it and looks great, but with Covid restrictions cant really talk too much about it over text etc.

Any help greatly appreciated

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onelastoush Fri 18-Sep-20 07:21:09

I love it . There are restrictions as you can't fill up on biscuits sweets takeaways etc but you can eat lots of free food and speed food . I have lost over 2 stone and my sister has lost 3 . I'm struggling a bit at the moment but managing to hold my own mostly

JLQ1020 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:23:40

SW is great. Its not that restrictive and you eat to your appetite. Chips curry's stews potatoes all allowed. Its about portion control and eating better and more balanced. You can still have wine, chocolate etc just smaller portions. Ppl say its not a calorie controlled diet but that isn't true. It is but you don't actually count calories. You automatically chose lower calorie foods on. Plan. Tonight I had a chicken curry home made on plan that was amazing. With home made chips.

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