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Slimming World whilst pregnant

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Pebbleinthesand Fri 11-Sep-20 21:31:06

I'm currently a target member with slimming world. 3rd or 4th attempt at it and finally managed to stick to target for more than a few weeks before jumping right back out.

DH and I are TTC #2 and after having gestational diabetes with my first I am desperate not to repeat this, hense doing SW again. What I wanted to know was has or does anyone successfully do SW whilst pregnant and not put on a crazy amount of weight.

I'm not even entirely sure how it would work when I'm pregnant. Surely I won't have to pay when I inevitably slip out of my target range?

I'm also worried that I'll struggle to not obsess over my weight and weight gain as my pregnancy progresses, especially given my history with GD. Obviously I want to have a healthy pregnancy but how obsessed I am with my weight and target right now, I feel like that could go both ways.

Any tips or experiences welcome please.

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ifiwasascent Sat 12-Sep-20 07:11:27

I would speak to your SW consultant. I'm planning on still doing SW whilst pregnant and I'm pretty sure you get 2 HEBs plus 25 syns.

Incrediblytired Sat 12-Sep-20 07:16:13

Can’t comment on pregnancy itself my my breastfeeding freeing gets like 20/25 syns and 3 x hex a and 2 x hex b (I think that’s the right way round - 3 of the calcium ones and 2 fibre).
Definitely speak to the consultant and remember it’s about maintaining-ish not about losing.

CatbearAmo Sat 12-Sep-20 07:31:33

Following with interest op and good luck with everything.
I too had GD and gained a horrific amount of weight during the pregnancy that I haven't been able to shift. Going for it big time now and finally starting to see the weight drop off.
I'm determined to get into a healthy range before starting to ttc again because I can only imagine GD will be even worse if I start the pregnancy already overweight.
However I am also absolutely determined to not gain as much weight the second time around. I had a terrible birth and it was investigated by a lawyer. Among multiple failings from the hospital, one of them was "due to the mother's significant weight gain she should have been offered a cesarean". At the start of my pregnancy I had had a healthy BMI yet still my weight became a risk factor for a natural labour.
There must be something I can do this time around so that my weight does not put me and my child at risk during the birth.

I hope you also get the support you need and that pregnancy does derail your attempts. Please share with updates on what advice you get!

Pebbleinthesand Sat 12-Sep-20 19:17:51

@ifiwasascent do you think you would tell you SW consultant straight away? It seems an awkward/intrusive conversation to have with someone you know only in passing and the person who asks you how you feel about a weight loss/gain each week.

@Incrediblytired that's so good that you get extra allowences for breastfeeding. I managed to breastfeed for around 6 months with DD so would definitely like to try again.

@CatbearAmo gosh it sounds like you had a really traumatic time. I was already overweight when I got pregnant last time and actually lost around 1stone and then put it back on again by the time DD was born. Being 3 stone lighter now I doubt I'll do the same again this time. I'm finding myself obsessing about my weight and potential weight gain.

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ifiwasascent Sun 13-Sep-20 08:51:53

I would but i would make it clear that you want it to be kept confidential. They're there to support and help

tabulahrasa Mon 14-Sep-20 08:14:28

If you’re in target when you tell them, you don’t pay until a while after you’ve had the baby. Also yes you can tell them it’s not public knowledge yet and they won’t mention it, just give you information on how the plan changes for pregnancy and stuff for your midwife.

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