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namechangedyetagain Sat 08-Aug-20 21:00:11

So. I officially hate myself and the way I look. I have got so big that I have very few clothes that still fit. I eat food because I'm sad, bored. I drink for the same reasons. I can't exercise as I have a dodgy ankle which is excruciating.

Anyway. I can't go on. My mum suggested slimming world. I am worried that it won't fit with cooking for the family and I'm very time poor (can't afford exotic ingredients either if I'm honest).

So what is SW like? Would it fit in with life? Will I feel as though I'm constantly deprived?

I need a kick up the arse and to actually try and lose some of my disgusting body.

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 09-Aug-20 10:44:19

You soon realise that it’s such a supportive community- everyone is in it together, and not only is there no judgement (the reason we are all there, for the most part, is that we all love food), but it’s an amazing place to learn about how to adjust the way that you eat to become more healthy- it’s not a starvation diet- it’s a lifestyle change that will get you to look at the way you are eating and realise where you have been making the unhealthy choices. And the reason everyone loves it? Its a bit of a secret club- we have our own way of talking about food, and almost everywhere you go you will meet people who are also doing it- AND IT WORKS! I was on a course recently for School Governors, we were all having a bit of a stilted lunchtime conversation when I dropped in that I was on Slimming World- and it turned out that nearly everyone on the table was either doing, or had done Slimming World- there was a lady there who had reached her goal weight (someone who looked like she must have always been slim).
It definitely fits in with cooking for the family. Most of the recipes on the slimming world website serve 4 and are definitely family favourites, like curries and pasta bakes.
Most meals can be adapted to make them Slimming World friendly too.
I’m not sure how good it is if you’re time poor. You really need to have a meal plan, but there are several blogs and websites which have pre written meal plans if you don’t have time.

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