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Has anyone switched from Cambridge Diet to SW?

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Soulstirring Mon 03-Aug-20 19:45:51

Good luck!
You’ve similar stats to me, I’m 12.7 and 5’4. Would love to be 10.7. Signed up to slimming world as I know it works. I too am a sucker for bad food but I know this which is half the battle. You can get there by Oct!!!

Stoichio Mon 03-Aug-20 19:42:50

Good luck!
I’ve rebranded what I am doing now ‘slim training’ (16:8 and no snacking and SW) as it is pretty much how my slim friends eat 80% of the time. I’m also ok at losing weight, when I put my mind to it, but terrible at maintaining! I’ve also stopped weighing myself - might step on scale in a few months depending on how I feel.

BittersweetMemories Mon 03-Aug-20 17:27:05

That's really positive, thanks!

I think I have learned things on CD... I need to drink more liquid and I will eventually not need to pee every 5 minutes, I don't need to eat enough food for 10 people to live, I don't need to snack etc so it has done some good but the time has come to give it up, it's just too much.

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Stoichio Mon 03-Aug-20 12:02:52

You may well have an initial increase on the scale but that won't be fat, you will still be losing but you may not be able to truly see that for a couple of weeks. I would either not WI for a couple of weeks or mentally prepare yourself by adding on 4 lbs of water weight to what you weigh now.

Stoichio Mon 03-Aug-20 11:54:21

I've got a friend who has recently (6 weeks ago) made the swap very successfully and loving it.

I've tried before but was unsuccessful but I think that was because I wasn't doing SW right (eating beyond hunger - too much snacking) and I didn't take the lessons the VLCD taught me (i.e. it is ok to feel empty, good even/set minimum times between eating). If I could go back in time...I'm doing 16:8 with SW (and also making sure I have decent gaps between meals - I tell myself when I've finished eating that I'm not allowed to eat until x, no snacking at all) and that is working very well.

Yes, you can definitely do it!

BittersweetMemories Mon 03-Aug-20 10:52:14

I have around 2.5 to 3 stone to lose. Current weight is 13.1 and my height is 5ft 4in, so in the obses BMI category! Other than being healthier, my main motivation is that I am getting married next year and currently avoid photos at all costs and my fiance is in the military and won't return until October so I would like him to be surprised when he gets home!

I had great success with SW before and lose around 2 stone and then I went back to eating absolute junk all the time and so I put it all back on.

I have been doing CD for 5 weeks now and lost almost a stone however I cannot do it anymore. I am absolutely miserable and basically gagging every time I eat a sachet. I can't live with the zero flexibility aspect of it either so I don't want to do it anymore.

Does anyone have any experience of switching? I'm worried that to go from eating only CD food back to normal food, albeit SW style that ill end up putting the weight back on...

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