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A couple of Q to ask if anyone is able to help me out please?

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yarncakes Sat 25-Jul-20 22:16:05

My husband and I are both back on slimming world. I successfully lost weight on it in 2018 but gave up after 18m and have regained half of the e
weight back! When I did it, it was just 1 heA and 1 heB. Is it 2 heA now? Does this mean you can have 200ml whole milk AND also 40g light cheese (for example)? Also, for makes under 20st, is it 20 or 25 syns? Are you still losing weight when having an extra HeA? Sorry for all the questions!

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Emzbee297 Sun 26-Jul-20 00:05:24

Hello ❤ I was doing sw just before lockdown and I was using all my 15 syns (usually saved them for night time to have a nice choccy bar), having 40g full fat cheese, also still using about 100ml of green milk each day for my well needed coffees and using 2 heB and I lost 2.5 stone in 5 week, I had a cheat day every saturday which was 2 bottles of wine and a takeaway and whatever food I could fill my food loving self up on through the day, I really believe and a lot of people agree that cheat days definitely help as they give your metabolism a kickstart each week to help get rid of that fat! I'm starting back on the 15th when they reopen group but currently pregnant so I know I get extra heA&B's, as for the male syns I'm sure its 20 for male under 20st

Good luck ❤❤

Juiceey Sun 02-Aug-20 15:12:32

Hello, yes it's two HEAs a day. I'm losing weight doing it smile I'm 19 stone and it's 20 syns for me.

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