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Help me add to my shopping list! SW newbie...

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Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Wed 17-Jun-20 08:11:46

Hi guys! I'm new to this and would love you help.

I'm looking mainly for syn free snacks and other cupboard essentials. I'm good for pasta and rice etc.

Here is my list so far:

Mini babybel cheese
Frozen fruit
O% natural yoghurt
Roast chicken, cooked
Peppers x 3
Carrots x 4
Cherry tomatoes
Mug shots

Thank you!!

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Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Wed 17-Jun-20 09:53:40

Anyone? grin

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Collision Wed 17-Jun-20 17:40:01

Definitely eggs

Seriously cheddar light as you can use for sauces and pasta.

Check out high fibre cereals for HEB


Saladd0dger Thu 18-Jun-20 11:56:33

Worcester sauce, soy sauce and a good selection of herbs and spices if you plan on cooking from scratch.

Ricekrispie22 Sun 21-Jun-20 08:48:36

Tinned tuna
Chickpeas - Great for paddling out a meal or giving it something extra
Fry light
Fat free cottage cheese
Snack a jacks

ksa103 Mon 22-Jun-20 16:56:12

kidney beans
tinned lentils
silken tofu (makes a great sauce when blended)
tinned cherry tomatoes
sweet cinnamon
Alpro sugar-free plain yogurt

Guiltyfeminist1 Mon 22-Jun-20 17:00:05

I've a really sweet tooth and i always used my syns on mini milks, options hot choc, curly wurlys and Freddos. They might be with adding to your list if you've got a sweet tooth too smile

Chaaaaaching Mon 22-Jun-20 17:04:54

Yes to the options hot chocolate if you have a sweet tooth! Lots of herbs & spices. Pinch of nom have some great SW friendly recipes.

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