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30th Birthday

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EveryThingWillBeWorthIt Wed 15-Apr-20 18:48:17

Hi all, I hope every one is safe and well! It's my 30th on Friday and seeing as I can't go out, I was going to order a takeaway but I can't for the life of me decide what's worth having a blow out meal on! What would you guys choose?

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Groovee Fri 17-Apr-20 11:25:11

For me it would be what's open. Our choices are really low. Would probably use the burger place linked to a nice restaurant and get the nachos (build your own) macaroni cheese with fries and churros.

If I could get Chinese I would get that and have a blow out but we only have one place open and the waits are huge.

Groovee Fri 17-Apr-20 11:25:43

Ps Happy Birthday x

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