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3 stone!!

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Mammyloveswine Wed 15-Apr-20 14:49:00

So I got weighed this morning and I am 3 stone heavier than I was when I was at target... 3 stone! I'm almost 2 stone heavier than my starting weight then! (Did have baby number 2 and a load of shit going on but still-excuses!)

Disgusted with myself but I'm happy that I will NEVER see that number on the scales again! At least in lockdown I'm not seeing many people so hoping when I do see people again I won't be such a beast!

Joined virtually today and weigh day is a Wednesday so handy that I already started today so I can be 100% on track!

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oohnicevase Wed 15-Apr-20 15:49:04

I joined last week and enjoying it .. I lost 6 lbs .. any good tips ? 🤩

Mammyloveswine Wed 15-Apr-20 16:22:12

@oohnicevase 6 pounds is amazing! Well done you!

I only rejoined today so been reading over my books! I'm logging on my fitness pal too but just so I've got a record!

I follow a few accounts on Instagram which are fab! Some great meal ideas!

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Lovelivingbythebeach3 Sat 18-Apr-20 19:27:34

Your post struck a chord with me. After loosing 7 stone 3 years ago I am now 2 stone over target and am finding it really really hard to shift it.....since September I have been putting and loosing the same half stone. I am currently on day 4 back on it following a 4 day Easter binge, alternate between being positive and determined and full of self loathing that I can’t seem to stick to it.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 22-Apr-20 11:14:13

hi. Good luck

Come and join me on our thread. We’ve had 2 running so far

We write what we eat to give ideas


Lovelivingbythebeach3 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:28:10

Managed to lose just 1 pound this week. I have never done s.p. But am going to give it a go for as many days as I can!

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