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Indian takeaway

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Ams0812 Thu 05-Mar-20 12:37:58


I am going to an indian restaurant tonight but i am worried about what i can eat.

Please can i get some suggestions (i dont particularly like spicy food)smile

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HappyHammy Thu 05-Mar-20 12:40:05

What advice do you want? the least fatty would be something dry like tandoori chicken and plain rice with a side salad.

HappyHammy Thu 05-Mar-20 12:41:34

Lindy2 Thu 05-Mar-20 12:45:32

A tandoori dish is generally a healthier option. It's usually chicken or lamb with a yogurt tandoori marinade baked in a clay oven. It tastes good too and not spicy.

I'm watching calories and had chicken tandoori with sag aloo as a side dish when I had an Indian meal.

Ams0812 Thu 05-Mar-20 12:49:14

I am looking for the least syns.
I saw a rogan josh had little syns but wasnt sure how spicy this is.

I normally get grilled chicken tikka (no sauce) but can't see how many syns this would be.

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HappyHammy Thu 05-Mar-20 12:50:49

sorry but I don't know what syns is

AngusThermopyle Thu 05-Mar-20 13:13:38

Found this, might be of help. It references SW

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