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Here I go again.....

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BackOnThatRollerCoaster Tue 18-Feb-20 21:47:21

Tried keto -great for my health, but been putting on weight even though keeping to my macros (thyroid issues make me put on weight so easily) Am a a stone heavier than when I started. Was a size 16, now bursting out of 18s after 4 months on it.
Tried C25K - got a knee injury and now scared to try (walk a lot though) having physio but the extra weight makes it hard to dra myself along.
Started swimming and developed a throat problem with the chlorine, doc advised me to stop.
Tried low fat but that means quite a few carbs which give me heartburn
Did 1:1 which was good, but the products made me sick after a few months.
Was pescatarian but have started to eat meat in the hope it fills me up more.

5ft 6 and probably 15 stone.

Now got a 3 month pass to SW. Am going to try again but how do you get the enthusiasm when you see the same numbers on the scales year after year?

Sorry - what a whinger I am grin

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